Question from GemmiElf

Asked: 9 months ago

Is there a New Game Plus (+)?

I've been reading around on the forums about this and there doesn't seem to be a defiant answer to it. That and there is no mention on the way to trigger it?

Do you need to do the true ending to be able to get NG+ or is the final ending enough, and when you enter a new game with either ending beaten, when should the NG+ trigger?

I'll add that on my main file with the final ending beaten (On the sale file there is a rose-like flower in full bloom and a butterfly icon where the other files don't have this) and I then start a new game, and I gain the items for beating the demos, like the first time, and yet nothing else happens.

Some help would be grateful.

Accepted Answer

From: girahim 9 months ago

You need the true ending to trigger the NG+ (i finished the normal ending and didn't get it, but finished the true ending and did get the NG+). The NG+ appears after you select your file but before you actually enter into the game (along with the AR movie and that).

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