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How to get the DLC?

I have the Japanese version, via E-Shop.

How do I get the DLC stuff? (Particularly the Bravo Bunny outfit set)

JarieSuicune provided additional details:

It is Japanese, original version.
I long knew about the few things that you get by registering the game (seriously, that is absolute basic, and how you even learn about some of the DLC.

What I want to know is the ones that aren't the straight-up obvious ones. (Such as Bunny Anies)

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suetheq403 answered:

If you have the Japanese version, you need to register on the Square Enix JP website:

The option should be somewhere near the top. Once you have registered, you can then register your game to the account, which should grant you the DLC.
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Elecrom answered:

I think you have to register your game on the SE website.
Since I have the PAL Version I dont know how this is done sorry.
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kenshinjeff answered:

Basically it's on this page:

You have to purchase any of the items below. They will come with the code which you can enter using the first link on that page.

One item = One dlc code = One choice of costume.
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