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Asked: 7 months ago

Where do I go to enter the Mill Works area for the side quest?

It says to go to the windmill at night to get in, but even though the city shows the sub event (blue) flag, I cannot find the area to do the side-quest.

Additional details - 7 months ago

OK so went on youtube and it's the door with the keyhole on it...but I cannot go in
I saw the first scene of chapter 2, does that mean I missed it, or am I just missing something or not finding a switch to open it, etc.?

Additional details - 7 months ago

on chapter 2, which is AFTER the wind temple, obtained merchant asterisk, and at 11:50 PM still wont let me in.

Additional details - 7 months ago

...forgot game time is NOT in sync with real time...
got in now

Accepted Answer

From: jonnovision1 7 months ago

Examine the door when it's night-time and after you've done the Wind Temple

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