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Is my tank build good?

The tank uses the knight job and templar (holy arts) as a subclass. Also the setup requires another party member to have the ability to use lvl. 2 magic.

The support abilities are: bp recovery, dual shields, p.def 30% up

Here's the strategy: At the beginning of a battle make the tank use the templar's rampart ability. Then make a party member that can use lvl. 2 magic cast silence on the tank. This is why bp recovery is equipped because the silence makes that tank gain 2 BP. So the tank can do rampart again the next turn. If there are a lot of enemies in a battle use the knight's full cover ability instead of rampart.

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BlueWolf-BD answered:

If you replace p. def 30% up with p. def 10% and 20% you get a better defense bonus. Everything else will work fine
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