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Answered Questions

Item Location Help Answers
About Buns? 1
Buns status gain? 1
Can anybody please send me a Mammon with Elixir??? 1
Can growth egg be stacked? 2
Claymore? 1
Completed Items in Norende Town does't show on Adventurer. Any ideas? 1
Does someone have a mammon with elixer? 1
Does the revenge ability stack if you are a red mage? 1
Double Golden Egg? 4
Elemental weapons help? 1
Golden Sword? 1
How do I get the Blessed Shield in the game? 1
How do I get the Crystal Equipment? 1
How do I open the blue chest boxes ? 3
How does the Thief's Knife work? 1
How to get the DLC? 3
Item Critical + items that don't recover or do damage? 1
Level 11 Norende items not there...? 1
Missed out Crystal Gear? 2
missed the chest key for blue chests. can I still get it after chapter 6? 2
Missing entry in my Encyclopedia, help? 1
Norende stuff worth buying? (Especially weapons) 2
Two different elixirs? 1
What are the consumable items ?? 1
what enemy can I steal or mug an megaelixir from and where is this enemy? 3
What item can reduce the speed of my character? 1
What item nullifies confusion and where can I buy it? 2
When can I get the ninja asterisk? 3
Where are the costumes? 5
Where can I buy courage rings? 1
Where can I find Conjurer asterisk? 1
Where can I find death/killer bows? 1
Where can I find Drain? 1
Where can I find items that are good for rising evasion? 1
Where can I find level 4-6 black magic scrolls? 1
Where can I find light/dark magic? 10
Where to find the item sets reward for clearing the demo? 3
Why does weapon level matter, when you can equip it anyways? 1
Will using usable equipment like Sage's Staff destroy the item? 3
Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Am I gearing my characters wrong (for certain jobs)? 1
Any Job or Job Combo that Does more Damage than a Monk??? 1
Are combat bonus streaks broken when running from a battle? 1
Are my light infused weapons healing enemies? 1
Are summoners worth it? 3
Best Character to use a specific Job Class is the one shown while obtaining the asterisk???? 2
Best Combination of Jobs?? 1
Best money (pg) farming and/or grinding spots? 3
Black magic not effective? -Chapter 4- 1
Can you just have one person with vampire class and the rest can still learn the spell? 1
Do amp abilities and MP cost decrease abilities work together? 1
Does anyone else find the Salve-Maker overpowered? 2
Does anyone have a full list of genome abilities and the enemies that give them? 1
Does anyone have Max Job Levels? 5
Does job affect stat growth? 1
Does Magic Critical work with Vampire/Genome abilities? 2
Does offensive White Magic use Mind or Intelligence? 2
Does the Black Resonance ability affect Sword Magic's damage? 2
Does the in-game clock (play time) go up if you keep the game on sleep mode? 1
Does the Two-Handed Support Ability work with double-handed weapons? 1
Does this strategy work? 3
Does using either a Golden Egg or a Growth Egg affect Big Pharma in any way? 1
Exact default defense boost? 1
How can you earn more BP other than by Defaulting? 3
How do the EXP Reward Bonuses Work? 1
How do you get JP? 2
How do you remove the blue flame off a character? 1
How to get the Bow Special Ability (Maximum Draw)? 2
I've beaten the crystal bosses twice without knowing about genomes. Can I get them later? 3
Is it better to have two weapons equiped or one? 1
Is my party fine (chapter 8)? 1
Is my tank build good? 1
Is there a reason to NOT link a friend's characters? 1
Is this a good setup? 1
Less damage in longer fights? 3
Magic attack damage issue? 3
Need help regarding Summoning please? 2
Ninja or pirate? 4
Provoke vs Smiley Badge? 1
Rejuvenate Special Requirement Question? 2
Should I move on or take the quest? 2
Special Move Help? 1
Spell fencer: lvl 3 sword magic? 1
Start over? Or keep going?? 1
Sword Magic damage? 3
Understanding gearing? 1
What affects the Spell Fencer's Firewall damage? 2
What does the sort ability do exactly? 1
What governs the stealing formula? 1
What is a good job to get into after mastering the monk class? 3
What is Edea's highest damage output in Bravely Second? 2
What is the best exp grinding spot for chapter 2? 1
What is the best strategy for early game jobs? 1
What is the best team for the real ending battle? 2
What is the best thing to equip a Vampire with? 4
What is the best way to get exp. quickly? 2
What job should I master next? 2
What would be a good secondary job for a dark night? 3
Whats the best genome to get after getting the vampire? 1
When is the right time to switch spell fencer to a secondary job? 1
When leveling a new job, how long does it take before it's actually effective? 2
When's the earliest I can max my jobs? 5
Where's the best place to JP farm? 2
Which jobs should I have? Please help! 1
Who gives the most JP? 1
Will Before Swine activate if the user has reflect? 2
Other Help Answers
3DS Only? 2
About the game after chapter 6 ? >>[spoilers]<< 2
Achievements on Bravely Default for the sequel? 1
Beelzebub won't appear in my bestiary...? 1
Benefits and Cross Overs to the NG+? 1
Can anyone tell me? 1
Can I still get DLC? (PAL Version) 1
Can nemesis appear in the demo? 1
Can you delete a save state? 1
Can you level past 99? 1
Can you rename all of your party members ? 3
Censorship in storyline? 2
Change difficulty (demo)? 2
Chapter 5 - Swordmaster asterisk??? 2
Combat bonuses doesn't add up? 1
Deathblow Customization Shop? 1
Did konami allowed Nintendo and square-Enix to use their legendary code on bravely default? 1
Difficulty Level? 1
Do classes automaticly use their support skills? 4
Does mastering a job confer any benefits aside from the Freelancer? 1
Does someone have a spare "Early Spring: Teddy" nemesis? 1
Everytime I use my White Wizard (Agnes) to heal all allies or herself, it also heals the 3
Exchanging friend codes? 14
Friend can't get my sent moves? 1
Friend Code Exchange?? Just got the Dark Knight & Vampire 1
Got any Team Stratergys for the Vampire Boss?? 1
How can I disable hints? 1
How do i break the crystals?? 1
How do I get the Pirate job? 1
How do I hide the map? 1
How do I prevent enemies from getting a first strike? 2
How do multiple endings work? 4
How do you add friends? 1
How do you get the Conjurer job? 1
How do you obtain more villagers? [NA Demo] 3
How does the passing of time work when building the village? 3
How does the Streetpass profile title work? 1
How many play bonuses are there in the demo? 1
How to get Sub-Scenarios in Chapter 8? *may contain spoilers* 1
How to get townpeople to your thing or whatever (DEMO VER)? 1
How to get villegers on my second save game? 1
How to open the blue chest? 2
How to safely obtain both endings? 1
How to use the costumes? 2
I need more friends? Help? 5
In need for a Mammon(Nemesis) with Elixir, anyone has it? 14
Is Bravely Default worth getting? 2
Is the NA demo different from the other demos? 2
Is the Vampire Subquest still available after entering the Pillar of Light? 3
Is there a New Game Plus (+)? 1
Is there a villager cap in Bravely Default? 1
Is this game worth 40$? 2
Is this game worth getting? 3
Japanese Bravo bikini? 2
Jobs and Stats, anyone got details? 1
Jobs/Summons? 2
Levelling characters equally? 1
Looking friends for my wife and I? 9
Max Stats with Nemesis Buns? 2
Need friends for Bravely Default plz? 5
Net Inviting? 1
Number of new game plus runs? 1
Possible Spolier, is it possible to miss....? 2
Question about Norende, more people and streetpass? 3
Rebuilding Norende Outside of streetpass? 1
Restarting the game? 1
Sending from the Demo more than once? 1
Special Moves? 2
Stat Affinities VS Arm and Armor Aptitude? 1
Streetpass only works between owners of the games? if so does it work with demo owners as well? 2
Streetpasses show in BD but not Mii Plaza? 2
The game have new game+ or roll over option? 1
Tiz special move theme? 1
Training jobs? 5
Tranfer question? 2
Unscathed/Unscathed Ace/Unscathed Hero Bonuses? 1
What are the special move requirements? 1
What are these mysterious menu boxes ? 1
What are those pillar things for in the world map? 2
What benefit do I have for having many villagers besides building time decrease? 1
What do I retain in New Game+ ? 2
What does net-invite consider as 'midnight'? 2
What exactly does adding a friend do? 1
What is the meaning of the medal next to my class rank in the friends menu? 1
What's your ultimate party? 13
Whats the use of Level Up ? 1
When is a good time to change jobs? 4
Where is the adventurer's equipment shop at in bravely default? 3
Where to find your friend code? 1
Where to get the Level 6 magic? 5
Which job should I choose or shouldn't choose? 6
Who has an elixir mammon? 1
Why am I only doing 1 damage? 1
Why are my stats not updating? 2
Why can't I upgrade shops in Norende? 1
Why is this game called "For the Sequel" in Japanese? 1
Why isn't the Event Viewer showing up on my Map Menu? 1
Will doing this get me the chest key i missed?*may contain spoilers* 1

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