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About the game after chapter 6 ? >>[spoilers]<< Open 2
Censorship in storyline? Open 2
Change difficulty (demo)? Open 2
Do classes automaticly use their support skills? Open 4
Does someone have a spare "Early Spring: Teddy" nemesis? Open 1
Everytime I use my White Wizard (Agnes) to heal all allies or herself, it also heals the Open 3
Exchanging friend codes? Open 13
How can I disable hints? Open 1
How do I hide the map? Open 1
How do I prevent enemies from getting a first strike? Open 2
How do multiple endings work? Open 4
How to get townpeople to your thing or whatever (DEMO VER)? Open 1
How to open the blue chest? Open 2
I need more friends? Help? Open 4
Is Bravely Default worth getting? Open 2
Is this game worth 40$? Open 2
Is this game worth getting? Open 3
Jobs and Stats, anyone got details? Open 1
Max Stats with Nemesis Buns? Open 2
Need friends for Bravely Default plz? Open 5
Number of new game plus runs? Open 1
Question about Norende, more people and streetpass? Open 3
Rebuilding Norende Outside of streetpass? Open 1
Sending from the Demo more than once? Open 1
Special Moves? Open 2
Streetpass only works between owners of the games? if so does it work with demo owners as well? Open 2
Streetpasses show in BD but not Mii Plaza? Open 2
Tiz special move theme? Open 1
Tranfer question? Open 2
What do I retain in New Game+ ? Open 2
What does net-invite consider as 'midnight'? Open 2
What is the meaning of the medal next to my class rank in the friends menu? Open 1
Where is the adventurer's equipment shop at in bravely default? Open 3
Which job should I choose or shouldn't choose? Open 6
Who has an elixir mammon? Open 1
Will doing this get me the chest key i missed?*may contain spoilers* Open 1

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