Question from tecra_a8

Asked: 3 years ago

how does 3DS battery's life ?

i heard it has only 3 - 5 hours life with 3D and other stuff turned ON !

anyone who has owned this , is this true bout the fact ??

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From: MonoBlade 3 years ago

Yes. When you play 3ds games with 3d on and the backlight at the highest setting, the battery lasts you about 3-5 hours.
When playing DS games, the battery lasts about 8 hours.

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Well, I can give you my investigation on this.

With 3D, Max Brightness, Power Saving Mode off, full volume and wireless on, you can get a max of 5 hours. I think I've already zonked it with the charger so I get about 4 :(

But with everything low/on/off (whatever the opposite of above is), you should get something like 9+ hours. I was able to play Shadow Wars for about that long, much more than expected, tbh.

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