Question from blazeyboy007

Asked: 3 years ago

Is it possible to tag someone more than once a day in Streetpass?

My Brother and I have been trying to tag ourselves in Streetpass multiple times so we could finish Find Mii faster, but have been unsuccessful. Once, however, the two of us actually did tag each other twice, but it has only happened once.

Additional details - 3 years ago

Are you sure we have to wait twelve hours? When we tagged each other twice one day, the first time was 10:00 and the second was 8:30.

Accepted Answer

From: Hay_Stack 3 years ago

You must wait 12 hours before you can re-tag the same 3DS.

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Submitted Answers


-Use the Find Mii character
-Wait 12 hours

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You do not have to wait 12 hours. A faster method is to streetpass and then use that tag for one of the plaza games. Then one 3ds owner has to go into mii maker and make a slight change like change their favorite color. Then you can streetpass again because the game thinks it is a different person

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