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How do i hard-reset my 3ds? 3
How do I soft reset? 5
Can the 3DS connect with other DS systems? 6
How big is a 3DS download block in KB/MB? 1
Can my DS games be played on 3DS? 3
How Can I Retrieve My Downloaded Games? 2
Can I delete unwanted applications from the Home Menu? 1
Does the 3DS use the same charger as the DSi? 1
Does 3DS game data save onto the game cartridge or the 3DS itself? 1
Cannot connect to the internet with the 3DS? 7
Recent Questions Answers
Crack on the right Shoulder, is it alright? 2
When you do a system transfer do you need a new SD card? 1
System Transfer Time? 0
3ds cannot connect to router? 0
Nintendo 3DS won't let me take pictures? 0
New 3ds xl Circle pad issues!? 0
What is a good way to store 3DS/DS game cartridges that's easy for little fingers? 1
I was in the Ambassador program? 0
Would Target Exchange a slightly broken n3dsxl for a another of a differnent color? 1
My 2ds has scratches that interfere with the touch screen will this be covered in the warranty? 2
Unresolved Questions Answers
Does the 3ds action replay power saves work with ds games? 1
What will happen to my downloaded games after I erase the Nintendo Network ID? 1
How do I delete the nintendo network ID when I don't know the password and it's preowned? 2
The apps on the SD card can't be read? 1
Transferring eshop games from card to card? 1
New 3DS XL, SD card data not showing? 1
How to perform a system transfer without the second 3ds? 2
Can you copy the save of your digital game on another 3ds who also happen to own the game? 3
Action replay? 4
Why does the it tell me error occured unable to update every time I try to update the system? 1

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