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Technical Help Answers
*URGENT* How do I turn Write Protection off? 1
2 3DS Systems? 2
3D images on the top screen out of sync! How can I fix this? 6
3DS camera keeps freezing? 2
3DS firmware update? 3
3DS flickering on and off when I have it next to my tablet? 1
3DS not starting up properly? 1
3DS System Transfer Without SD Card? 2
3DS with firmware error. Can anyone help ? 1
3DS won't update, what do I do? 2
3ds wont connect to internet? 2
About StreetPass...? 1
Am I having problems with streetpass? 3
Ambassador game help? 1
Are there any games that save any data whatsoever to the game cartridge? 1
At digital games tied to the console or the NNID? 1
Biggest SD card and transferring SD cards?? 1
Broken 3DS(upper part)? 1
Can 3DS games be played on other DS systems? 3
Can I get a Street Pass tag if I have a regular DS game playing? 1
Can I get foreign 3DS's repaired in America? 3
Can I remove game data from a DS game on my 3DS? 1
Can I remove individual games from my Software Library? 1
Can I send games from one DSi to multiple 3DSs? 1
Can I switch my Nintendo ID to a different console??? 2
Can smoke damage Nintendo 3DS? 1
Can the 3DS handle larger then 2GB SD cards? 1
Can the 3DS interact with the DSlite? 2
Can the Web Browser play Flash games? 3
Can't StreetPass My Brother All of A Sudden?! 2
Cannot connect to internet through a DS game? 3
Cannot connect to the internet with the 3DS? 7
Changing The Date Will Mess Up The Activity Log ? 2
Charge question? 2
Circle pad pro? 2
Connecting a 3DS XL to a wireless router? 4
Connecting to wifi on a school (college) network not possible? 1
Digital copy? 3
Do I have to re-connect my 3DS to the internet every time I turn off the power? 1
Do original DS games work on all region 3ds? 1
Do system updates comes from 3DS games too? 5
Does data on SD cards transfer if I do a system transfer between two 3DSs? 2
Does Factory Resetting a 3ds also remove the friend code? 1
Does returning to factory settings also clear browser history? 1
Does the Charging Cradle really increase download speed? 2
Does this game have a mic? 3
Download Play question? 1
DS Wi-Fi and Local Wireless? 1
eShop purchases, what if I lost my 3DS? 2
File names in 3DS Sound? 1
Flipnote? 3
Game deleted? 2
Getting out of sleep mode? 1
Help! My 3DS doesn't wake up from sleep mode! What can I do? 2
How can I change the time from 24 hours to 12 hours? 1
How can I get notified about a note in SwapNote BEFORE 3-4 hours have passed? 1
How do I "right click" in the web browser? 7
How do i get new puzzle panels with spotpass? 2
How do i hard-reset my 3ds? 3
How do I keep track of future software updates? 5
How do I Tranfering Mii from the Wii? 1
How do I transfer sounds made in 3DS sound from my Sd card to my computer? 2
How do Street/Spot Pass work? 2
How do you change the color of the cursor? 1
How do you transfer your data from one system to the next? 1
How do you turn off the shut down screen? 5
How does the online connectivity work on the 3DS? 1
How long does it take for Street Pass to connect? 1
How much RAM does the 3DS have? 3
I can't seem to see my friend code. Any suggestions? 3
I have a problem with charging? 5
I think my 3DS is broken......HELP? 1
I'm having trouble with AR cards. Anyone have any pointers? 2
If a game has updates for it before I buy the game, will I still have to download the updates after I buy it? 2
If I buy a 3DS XL with a preloaded game, can I redownload it? 1
If i choose Low-Capacity microSD Card Transfer...? 1
If I configure a 3DS for WPA, what happens with old DS games? 3
If I transfer to the New 3DS XL from my old 3DS XL will my games saves transfer as well? 1
If you buy a new 3DS preloaded with a game, will you lose that game transferring over your data from your old 3DS? 1
Importing from the USA(?) questions. Thanks for any help. 1
In nintendo 3ds sound, why won't it let me make playlists? 1
In Screen Settings for Game Gear games, there is a setting called Performance: Original or Special. What does that do? 1
Is it possible to save .png images from the web browser to the sd card? 3
Is it possible to tag someone more than once a day in Streetpass? 3
Is putting a 3ds in your pocket and leaving it on, bad? 1
Is the 3DS compatible with other region DS games? 1
Is there a way to exit Virtual Console games without having to Suspend? 2
Is there a way to tighten the circle pad? 3
Is there a way to transfer Virtual console games? 1
Is there any kind of add-on that lets you use the GC-GBA link cable to connect the 3DS to the Gamecube? 2
Is there ANY way a 3DS game can be played on a DSi? 2
Is there any way of copying games to another 3DS? 3
Is there any way to install Flash on a 3DS Internet Browser?(legit or not) 1
Is there something wrong with my 3DS's battery? 6
Keeping digital games on a used 3DS? 2
L button not working sometimes? 1
Loose Upper Screen? 7
Mario is crouching all the time which makes him move slower, how do I make him stand up again? 2
My credit card isn't working? 2
My R Button doesn't work? 1
New 3DS... question!? 1
Orange light? 1
Pal or NTSC??? 1
Personal MII ? 3
Pls help with the setup? 1
plugged in the game, but it shows There is nothing inserted into the game card slot, why? 2
Pokemon X/Y Friend Codes? 12
Region Locked in Japan? 2
Shutting off on it's own? 1
Spotpass DLC, will i get them even if the game isnt in the slot? 1
StreetPass daily limits? 1
StreetPass Questions....? 1
Switching SD cards, I have a few questions? 1
System Transfer and pre-installed software? 1
The black screen? 2
The L button won't... stop... working? 1
Transfer data and game saves from 3DS to 3DS XL? 2
Transfer downloaded 3DS game to my Mom's 3DS? 1
Transfer from 3DS to New 3DS? 1
Transferring DSiWare to 3DS? 1
Transferring past Wi-Fi data? 3
What exactly happens when the 3DS finishes charging? 2
What games are available that you can use the circle pad pro on? 3
What happens when there is a 3DS update in North America but I have a Korean 3DS? 1
What is it like playing a normel DS game on this thing? 6
What is the cause of this 3DS problem? 2
What will I lose if I hard reset my 3DS? 1
What will I lose if I hard reset my 3DS? 1
What/where is the 1 and 2 button? 1
Whats the fastest way? 2
When will the Web Browser be released? 3
Where is the Shop? 7
Why can't I watch youtube videos on my 3dsxl? 1
Why does my 3DS not update? 1
Why does my AR DSi not work? 2
Why does the 3ds browser not save any images that are 2 or 3 kb big? 1
Why does the browser say "cannot load this image" every time I try to save a picture from facebook to my sd ca 1
Why does the game keep putting the wrong date? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (003-1101)? 1
Why does the screen turn black when in contact with a DS? 1
Why is my Friend Code Changing? 2
Why is my volume terrible? 1
Why won't Netflix work? 2
Why won't the wifi work? 2
why wont my Swapnote send my notes? 1
Wi fi? 3
Wi-fi compatibility? 1
WIFI Issue? 1
Will it be possible to switch MicroSD Cards during Transfer With New Nintendo 3DS? 1
Will Spotpass force you to run an update? 5
Will the 3DS get online by USB connector? 2
WIll the Nintendo Eshop for a Japanese 3DS work in the US? 3
You can download Club Nintendo rewards to your New 3DS XL, right? 1

Other Help Answers
3D glasses ? 1
3Ds 3D? 2
3DS features? 2
3DS Friend Code? 13
3DS Internet Issues? 1
3DS remdeeming a Usa code, and using it for the Japanese 3DS? 2
3DS to 3DS System Transfer? 1
3DS Two Random Questions? 1
3ds XL or wii u? 1
3DS XL screen? 2
3DS XL... charging? 1
About the Friend list....? 1
Ambassadors Program- Late Qualifying? 1
Animal crossing new leaf Friend Code exchange? 2
Animal crossing new leaf friend code exchange? 2
Any way to change the character language? 5
Anybody know any 3DS regarstation codes? 1
Anyone for exchanging FC for animal crossing? 34
Anyone for friend code exchange for animal crossing new leaf? 24
Anyone wanna trade animal crossing FC? 4
Anyone want to add me? 1
Australian and UK 3DS's: How do I get everything onto the one system? 1
Backwards Compatibility? 2
Black spots on 3D screen? 1
Blue Parakeet? 1
Broken stylus? 6
Buying import 3ds for EU/Australia in Japan? 1
Can a 3DS, playing a 3DS game, multiplayer with a DS, playing a DS game, if they are the same game? 2
Can a Japanese 3DS use a SD Card from the US? 1
Can I delete unwanted applications from the Home Menu? 1
Can i do download play with my cousins ds lite? 1
Can I get an add-on so I can play with two slide pads? 1
Can I get GBA ambassador games? 1
Can I Have 2 (Physical) Copies of Animal Crossing: New Leaf Saved on the Same 3DS? 2
Can I play Japanese Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver on American Nintendo 3ds? 5
Can I play my Wii VC games on the VC 3DS? 2
Can I play pokemon on the 3ds? 4
Can I still get spotpass/streetpass downloads while running DS/DSi Ware games? 1
Can I view txt files on my 3DS? 1
Can my DS games be played on 3DS? 3
Can someone help me to choose an eShop game? 1
Can someone trade me my kadabra and my scyther so i can evolve trade them ? 1
Can the 3D feature be turned off? 1
Can The 3DS Be Jailbroken Much Like the IOS Devices? 1
Can the 3DS connect with other DS systems? 6
Can the 3ds get a virus when you use the internet browser? 1
Can the 3DS play movies? 6
Can the menus on the Japanese 3DS be changed into English? 1
Can u trade in 2 ds's and get $200 off? 2
Can you download movies and watch them on the 3DS or web? 3
Can you keep stuff on your dsi? 4
Can you move things from your DSi to the 3DS? 11
Can you regain friend data from Pokemon X/Y's Game Sync if you format your system memory? 1
Can you use Wii sd cards on a 3ds? 3
Charging 3DS with Foreign Charger? 1
Choose a Game?? 1
Choose Game? 1
Club Nintendo Help? 1
Daylight Savings Time automatic switch? 1
Delayed? 1
Do 3DS Friend Codes transfer with the 3DS Transfer? 1
Do anyone know how to watch Nintendo Direct Live? 1
Do I have to make a Nintendo account to download stuff from eShop? 2
Do I need an active Nintendo account to link to? 1
Do I need to system transfer to keep certain things? 1
Do you know where it is? Can you help me? 1
Does 3DS game data save onto the game cartridge or the 3DS itself? 1
Does anyone have an unused pin number for a 3ds? 1
Does anyone want to exchange friend codes for animal crossing new leaf with me? 1
Does anyone want to exchange friend codes for animal crossing new leaf with me? 11
Does anyone want to exchange friend codes on Animal crossing New Leaf? 12
Does anyone want to trade friend codes for friend safari? 1
Does playing games like pokemon or kid icarus on wi-fi cost anything? 1
Does spotpass run overseas? 1
Does the 3DS 3D effects cause eye strain or headaches? 3
Does the 3DS automatically stop charging when it fully charges, or does it over xharge? 1
Does the 3DS have a messaging system? 1
Does the 3DS have a photo channel? 1
Does the 3DS use the same charger as the DSi? 1
Does the Pedometer stop adding Play Coins after 1000 steps? 1
Dose the 3ds use the same power plug as the dsi? 1
DS Compatibility? 2
DSi to 3DS ambassador transfer? 2
Dumb question should i get the 3DS in blue or black? 1
Eshop? 1
Eshop?? 3
Eye Damage? 1
Friend Code? 18
Friend codes for pokemon Y please? Mine is 4484-8050-4386 27
Games for the 3DS? 1
Headphones? 1
Help with the download play? 1
Help? 1
Hey! I was just wondering how many bits is the 3DS. Can som1 help me? 1
How big is a 3DS download block in KB/MB? 1
How can I get out of Netflix? 2
How can I get YouTube to play videos on the internet browser? 1
How can i play jpn game in usa 3ds? 1
How Can I Retrieve My Downloaded Games? 2
How do get videos off my pc and play them on my 3ds? 2
How do i clean the 3DSXL touch screen? 1
How do I delete someone from my Friend List? 1
How do I get more ar cards? 3
How do I merge two SD cards into one? 4
How do I obtain Spotpass Puzzle Swap pieces? 5
How do I play Pokemon White online on my 3ds? 1
How do i put image on an sd card on 3ds? 4
How do I reset ALL game data on a DS game? 1
How do I save the game I am currently playing? 1
How do I send my highlighted words to the URL? 1
How do I soft reset? 5
How do I unlock Krauser's load out ? 1
How do I X out of a tab/page on the 3DS browser? 1
How do NES games look on the 3DS? 2
How do you download a M rated game on the eshop? 3
How do you get the eshop avalible in the home menu? 3
How do you save your pictures from the wii photo channel onto your sd card? 1
How do you use Nin 3DS Sound? 1
how does 3DS battery's life ? 2
How does Download Later work? 1
How does one block another user on 3DS Miiverse? 1
How does the frind code system work? 1
How good is the 3D? 1
How long does 3ds last? 5
How many ways can Nintendo ban/brick/block/persecute a 3DS user? 2
How much can I sell my 3DS for? 3
How much Club Nintendo Points do you get for buying a 3DS? 1
How much is a 3DS with tax? 3
How much is the 3DS? 1
How to delete a demo? 2
How to download iTunes music onto the 3DS's SD Card? 4
How to get rid of shut down screen? 2
How to get your downloaded games on a new NNID? 2
I have figured out how to trade FCs on miiverse? 1
I might be getting a ds from my friend good games? 1
I need 3DS help about the pedometer? 5
I need help getting more streetpasses?! 1
I think my friend stole my 3ds game, HELP? 1
I'm new to 3DS and pokemon Y. does anyone want to add me as a friend? Name: kk Friend code: 238048604950 10
If I buy a 3DS game on demand, will the save files transfer from the cartridge? 2
If the 3ds does not have a gba slot......? 1
Im OCD about my 3ds? 1
Impact Indicators? 1
In Search of Friend Codes for Pokemon X & Y? 36
Is it necessary to turn off wireless when shutting down the 3DS? 2
Is it possible to reorder the applications on the Home menu? 1
Is it really worth it? 1
Is it still possible to get NES titles? 3
Is it too late to buy a nintendo 3ds XL? 1
Is it worth getting? 1
Is the 3DS an Eighth Generation handheld? 11
Is the 3DS Region-Free? 1
Is the 3DS reverse compatible? 2
Is there a way to get free nintendo eshop points? 1
Is there an app that I can use to transfer images from a pc to my 3DS? 1
Is there any type of gold mii converter? 1
Is this covered by the warranty? 1
Issue with street pass maps? 1
Linking 3DS XL to Club Nintendo, same as Registering? 1
Maxumum Number of Friends? 1
Miiverse Violation? 2
Multiple Questions? 4
My 3ds keeps on shutting off at random times? 1
My 3DS won't charge ! Kind of ? 1
My touchscreen got some disturbing scratches, any way to fix it? 1
Need friend codes for my pokemon games? 30
Nintendo Club UK? 1
Nintendo Network? 2
Nintendo Video Question? 2
One picture take up 1000 picture space? 1
Original DS Games - Imported from the US? 3
Other DS3 Colors? 9
Pilot wing 3d or rayman 3d? 1
Play coins ? 2
Play coins question? 2
Plugged in 3DS all the time or plugged in only when the battery's low? 1
Pokemon Streetpass? 1
Pokemon X and Y Friend Code excange!!!?!!! 1
Pokemon x and y friend code exchange? 24
Pokemon X and Y Friend Codes? 19
Power button proablems turning on/off? 1
Question about eShop? 1
Question about Play Coins? 1
Question about Pokedex 3DS? 1
Quick Guard help please? 1
Region Locked DS Games? 1
Remake? 2
Safari friend code exchange? 1
Several questions about SD cards for the 3DSXL? 1
Should I buy Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate or Link Between Worlds? 2
should I buy the 3ds now ? 1
Should I Buy the Legend of ZELDA Oracle of Ages,the legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons or Both?? 1
Should I get a Japanese 3DS? 4
Should i get the 3ds or wait for NGP? 1
Special birthday stuff? 1
Streetpass function? 1
StreetPass panels? 2
Streetpass questions? 1
Tech help towards AR DSi w/ 3DS? 1
Time date for 3ds games listed? 1
Update? 2
Usage tip #'s 30 & 110??? 1
Was The 3DS Sold Worldwide? 1
What are 3DS features? 1
What are some cool multiplayer games...? 4
What can you unlock with the coins? 2
What do I do? 2
What does it mean when it says update available on my downloaded games? 2
What does q4 mean? 1
What is the best way to charge the 3DS? 2
What is the SD card for? 5
What kind of charger does the 3DS XL use? 4
What's the difference between spotpass and street pass? 1
What's the use of the charging cradle? 2
What`s with 3DS Virtual console`s special functions? 1
When are the Browser and DSiShop updates coming? Photos question 1
When do I get the link? 2
When exactly does Flipnote Studio for 3ds come out ? 3
When is the Legend of Zelda 3D game going to be released? 1
When the 3ds shop comes out will u get it autimaticly? 2
When will there be 3DS rewards on Club Nintendo?(3DS case, Game card holders, etc) 4
Where can I buy a good quality 3ds usb charger? 1
Where to download 3DS emulator for Computer for free? 3
Which 3DS is better, NTSC or Pal ? 2
Who wants to exchange Animal Crossing New Leaf Friend Codes with me? 15
Why am I not online? 1
Why Did All 3DS Games Had Region-Lock? 1
Why is rayman 3D comeing out march 22 when the 3DS comes out march 27? 1
Why only some pics...? 1
Why these types of buttons? 1
Why Would The Action Replay Wont Work On The 3DS? 1
Wich game should I buy? 1
Wii DLC? 1
Will 3DS games have DLC? 7
Will anything be lost during a system transfer? 4
Will mh4u 3ds release one more time? 1
Will someone please trade me a chikorita on pokemon y? 1
Will the 3ds have flip note studio? 2
Will the ds action reaplay work for this? 1
Will the NES titles from September 1st still be available now? If so how come nothing changed in the eShop yet? 1
Will there be pokemon? 1
Will you be able to download GBA games on e shop? 3
Would it be cheaper to repair my buttons or upgrade? 2
You can use Wii points cards to add funds to a 3DS, right? 1

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