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Can the 3DS connect with other DS systems?

I was wondering if you play a DS game in the 3DS if you can connect with like a DSi to trade or something.

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gsdarkdawn answered:

Yes. Ive used my 3DS in DS mode to trade pokemon with my friend that had a DS Lite.(I had Pokemon White, he had Black)

I used his DS Lite to transfer pokemon from my HG game to my White game.
When you play a DS game on a 3DS, the DS game will think it's being played on a DSi.
I know this because when i reset my wifi settings for pokemon white(on my 3DS), it said
"from now on, please use this DSi to connect to Nintendo WFC"
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Crysis121 answered:

I'm not sure myself, but i will assume yes, as it is compatible with other DS and DSi games
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Churros007 answered:

Yes, I've used it to transfer Pokemon from Platinum to Black.
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tbone3w answered:

Yea. I just played planet puzzle league with my girlfriend. You'll have no troubles.
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SAIYAN48 answered:

yes it can. It doesn't have pictochat yet but it might be available through an update.
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randallgudvange answered:

Not only will it connect with the other DS systems in the family, you can transfer your online play data (Nintendo WFC data) to your 3DS from your old system. You put in any wifi compatable ds game in your old system and go to the wifi setup in game, options, transfer wfc data. You then go to DS download play on your 3DS to accept the transfer. All your online stats from your games will be transferred to your 3DS, friends too!
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