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Asked: 3 years ago

What is the SD card for?

I see photos on there, but my game saves aren't. So what else is the SD card used for as I can see some othe system files? (I want to format, but not loose important stuff)

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From: niels200683 3 years ago

The SD card is also used for all street pass registrations, some games also save what doesn't fit on the game card memory or internal memory on there. (Ridge racer with replays and time trial ghosts, for instance).

Also, your jpeg (2D) and MPO (3D) photos are on there, and you can place music on the SD-card. What is placed on the SD-card is ultimately dictated by the games. If you want to format the card, copy the folder inside the SD-card first (do not alter it) to make sure all data from any games is saved.

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niels200683 is right. except for one thing. When you format, copy ALL files on the SD card. Then, copy them back to the SD Card after formatting.

Also, Spotpass can sometimes store data on the SD Card.

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Isn't the SD card also used for extra data, such as, for example, replays in Ridge Racer 3D?

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its like a Memorystick in a PSP but u cant use it for

hacked saves,

its basicly just data install and music

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The SD Card is used for storing pictures, storing recorded sounds, storing music, storing DSiWare, storing Virtual Console titles, storing some 3DS game saves, and storing anything else you get from the E-Shop.
Also, you can download ExciteBikes and Pokedex 3D for free from the E-Shop until July 7th.

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