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Hey! I was just wondering how many bits is the 3DS. Can som1 help me?

I know the DS is 32 but I really wanna know about the 3DS. Thanks in advance ^_^

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Nin3DSFan answered:

The processor is an ARM, which is 32-bits. Just so you know, bits is redundant in modern systems. You can't just say "this is more powerful than that, so it has more 'bits'" the Nintendo 64 maybe 64-bit, but is there any actual proof the GameCube is 128-bits? I'm pretty sure that officially, the GameCube and Wii are probably 64-bit, not 128-bit or 256-bit, as many people will say. Seriously, "PS2 is more powerful than N64 so it MUST be 128-bits. PS3 is more powerful than PS2 so it must be 256-bits" -- it doesn't work like that.
All you need to know is that the CPU is 32-bit.
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