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Asked: 3 years ago

What exactly happens when the 3DS finishes charging?

Will it,
A. stop charging, start using outlet for power.
B. stop charging, continue to use battery for power.

Please. only answer if you actually know what you're talking about.

Additional details - 3 years ago

I'm going to test this. I will plug in the charger when there is 3/4
power bars. Then I will play til the charge light goes off. I will keep playing at maximum power usage for an hour.

Accepted Answer

From: gsdarkdawn 3 years ago

I just tested it; The power level did not drop after hours of gameplay after it finished charging. It is A.

ANSWER: When you plug the charger in, the 3DS will use the outlet for power needs, while charging the battery. After the battery is full, the 3DS will continue to use power from the outlet until you unplug the 3DS.

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If it finishes charging while still on, it will use the outlet for power until it is unplugged.

If it finishes charging while it is off, the charging light will go off, and its assumed that no power is being transferred at all, until:

A) you turn it on, which by then its using the outlet.
B) Unplug it and then turn it on, which by then, its using the battery.

To be honest, this isn't just with the 3Ds. My portable DVD player acts the exact same way, and displays how its using the power dependant on its state.

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