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How do i put image on an sd card on 3ds?

I cant cant figure out where to put these images i saved on my sd card to get them to work on 3ds.

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I had them as jpgs but like i said im not sure i put the photos in the right place i tried putting them in a folder next to my music folder and it said there were no photos.

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@Mario788 I did exactly what you said and it still doesnt work

SMASHKING84 provided additional details:

Are you sure the size is 640x480? because i had my pictures at 400x450(or around there but not any higher) and it still doesnt work...

Accepted Answer

GoldenSun3DS answered:

1. Make sure it is in .JPG or .MPO format.(don't just rename it; That won't be good enough)

2. Copy it to one of the folders in the DCIM folder(which is on the root of the SD card).

3. Rename it to "HNI_XXX". Replace XXX with next number. For example, if you see "HNI_059.JPG" as the biggest number in the selected folder, rename the selected picture to "HNI_0060.JPG".
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NDSReviewer answered:

My best answer for you my friend is to Google it.
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Mario788 answered:

I'm pretty sure you have to put them in a .JPG or .JPEG format, since the 3DS can only save and read those.
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Mario788 answered:

If I remember right, the correct folder should be in the " DCIM" folder, and then put it in any 100NIN?? folder. If it can't read it still, try resizing the pictures to 640x480.
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