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Where is the best place for finding other people in Street Pass?

In Japan, basically everyone has a 3DS. Making it extremely easy for them to find people on Street Pass. I however live in America, in Florida. I only encountered one other person with a 3DS. I wanted to know where are the best places to find people on Street Pass. Any suggestions?

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bearboy43 answered:

I suggest the most popular mall, or game store. Specially on holydays or "super low-prices" days, like Black Friday, or back-to-school sales.
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flipzas answered:

Try going to the mall, your school (if your friends have it), to a bus, in a city, in a train, or anywhere you can find lots of people (like a parade show).

You can also go to Target, Best Buy, or GameStop to see if you get a Streetpass from a demo 3DS.
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Klaxynd_Noheart answered:

Some Gamestops have certain days dedicated to streetpass. Check their website.
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jackruby08 answered:

You should go to a crowded place like a city or a big nintendo event.
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truly_insane answered:

If you ever go to any games/anime conventions (or similar events) you can potentially get a couple of hundred pretty quickly.

Just remember that you have to keep visiting the plaza though, since you can only get 10 streetpasses at a time (then presumably the 3DS stops streetpassing till you make room again).
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Luigi4President answered:

Game conventions, crowded stores / malls, movie theaters (first showings of popular movies), gamestop, and crowded city streets are all good places to get streetpasses. Also try college / other school campus if there is one by you.
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super_luigi16 answered:

E3. :)

Since you're in Florida, you may want to try the airport, amusement parks, shopping malls, and possibly beaches along with the normal places (college campuses, downtown areas, game stores, etc.).
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prsflnt answered:

The second day I had the 3DS we went to a Japanese festival and got lots of streetpasses. Try going to events like those (asian, taking pictures, game places, popular places).
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OilUp answered:

Check out game stores, shopping centres/malls or gaming events. Sometimes people host streetpass events in areas so check out if there is any in florida.
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Intertek answered:

I went to Walt Disney World this past summer and passed 57 people across my 4 days there, so make sure to bring if you ever go there.
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KeyBlade999 answered:

School. Stores. Anywhere where there are many people.

Video gaming conventions often yield dozens or hundreds of StreetPasses at the right time.
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Ultimate3DSFan answered:

Well, it depends on how popular it is where you live. Florida is a big state, so I'm surprised you have only StreetPassed 1 person, while I'm in NJ and have 63.

Bring your 3DS everywhere you can. I you go places with your family, popular places such as well-known zoos, amusement parks, even boardwalks will get you some StreetPasses! You never know when you'll get one, so, like I said, bring it anywhere you can.
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GreenoLink answered:

Video game conventions, expos, ComicCons, popular malls, movie theatres, and concerts.
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