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Asked: 3 years ago

How do get videos off my pc and play them on my 3ds?

It was avi less then 10 min long smaller then 480x240 the problem might be it took up too many kbs but idk for sure as i recorded a video on 3ds and it was 1min long and wound up takeing 120000 kbs so imagine if a 1 min video took that much a 3 min video should take 3 times as much(which was about how much the video i tried importing was) maybe someone can tell me exactlly how much space i can use?
Yes the video was labeled HNI_XXXX(not with xs but four numbers) and i made sure the that number was higher then any other number in my list

Additional details - 3 years ago

@ niels200683 That Didn't help at all

Additional details - 3 years ago

It seems my problem was i thought i could play videos without using the 3ds converter(i used an avi converter to and tried doing the settings you said but it didn't help.) then i tried the 3ds video converter at gbatemp and that worked but thanks for trying to help me.

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From: niels200683 3 years ago

Sorry it took so long to notice your reply:

I'm not sure the 3DS handled encoded video well, it seems like it doesn't - so a larger file size is best (because that means the video isn't encoded).

Did you use 3DSVideo for conversion? You can get it here: (add the http in front of it yourself, since that word is banned for answers)

If the video still doesn't work after conversion, as well as naming it correctly (as you already did) and waiting a while for the management file to update - I really don't know what the problem could be.

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I assume you also placed it in the right folder? (For instance: DCIM/VID_0001)

It takes the 3DS some time to notice new content is present... wait on the screen where you view photos / videos for any time from 10 seconds to 4 minutes... tap the bird a few times (it seems to help, or maybe that's just me) until the 3DS shows the message: 'Management file will now be updated'. Press OK and your videos will appear - either on their file creation date or under 01-01-1900 (meaning no date can be found by nintendo's software)

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