Question from zeldamario24

3DS Friend Code?

Give me yours, mine is 1075 1005 6716. What is your name? Put it in your response to the question.

zeldamario24 provided additional details:

Sorry. My name is Anthony

Accepted Answer

krgman answered:

sup, my name is Kai and my code is 2449-5151-3791. whats your name?
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techtopcat answered:


I'm Joe and my fc is-


just about to add you two
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Dvalish answered:

Dvalish fc is 3952 7533 3572.
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xsplitendsx answered:

hi im Cody. ill add you all so plz add me. my fc is 1375-8250-9716 my name is splitends thx
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BreannaBebe answered:

hey name is DEM Bebe fc is 4468-1179-2275 i add all 5 of you
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LX3 answered:

need to fill friend roster?
sure thing.

Name: LX
3DS (FC): 1246-8723-1669

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Piplup_Tan_888 answered:

Hi! My fc is 4596-9490-9763. Name: Dball01. Add me.
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ericksuky answered:

Mine is 5198-2470-9571 and my name is ericksuky
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dragonball14 answered:

My fc is 0731 5728 5651
add me!
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ElpollogabazXII answered:

josepe FC:4554-0946-9339
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ponchization answered:

Ponchization 1161-0643-6506
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tybear32564 answered:

Crazyhorse, 0275-7516-4278
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ALX13X answered:

Alex, 3711-7544-9010
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