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Which 3DS is better, NTSC or Pal ?

Pal Or ntsc?? and why??

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Seal64 answered:

There is no such thing as a PAL 3DS or an NTSC 3DS. PAL and NTSC are standards for transmitting television signals, and the 3DS does not use a television screen.
If you're asking about a European 3DS vs. an American 3DS, there really is no difference, hardware-wise. However, since the 3DS is region-locked, I'd get one from your local area to ensure you can play the games they'll be selling there as well.

Unless, of course, you are a fanatical importer. In that case, you may want to consider buying a 3DS from the region you'll be importing your games from.
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super_luigi16 answered:

PAL is best if you're in Europe, and NTSC is best if you're in America.

Even if you were to import a different region's 3DS (for a premium), you'd also have to import every single 3DS game you plan to buy since they are region-specific. Unless you're made of money, just go with the region that gives you the best access to 3DS games.
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