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Can you use Wii sd cards on a 3ds?

Will it break my 3ds if I do?

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ShockeyRai answered:

You probably can use it.
An SD Card is an SD Card.
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vegitoss5 answered:

Of course i was smart and i brought a new sd card for my 3ds an 8gig one on amazon for $8.50 i thought that was a good deal untill i checked back at amazon and saw an 8gig for 5bucks butt yea i got an 8gig and took the one that was in my 3ds and put it in my wii that way i wont be wasting sd cards so if a 3ds sd card works on a wii then yeaH of course a wii sd card will work on the 3ds.
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KatzeFace answered:

I just got a used 3DS last night - and forgot an SD card. So, I popped the one from my Wii, stuck it in the 3DS and ta-da! Everything is roses.

Short answer: Yes, you can use your Wii SD card on your 3DS.
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