Question from 1DarkLoneWolf2

Action replay?

Can you download a action replay to the 3ds? if you can how?


De_Blob_X answered:

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willkli answered:

No you cannot as I am a big AR fan myself I was hoping this would change. There may not be a way to DOWNLOAD an AR to a 3DS but there is a 3DS compatablle AR cartridge the downside however is that it does not work with 3DS games but only works with DSi and DS games which quite annoying but thats what you get when an AR is technically illegal.
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tybear32564 answered:

I bought an Action Replay that said for DS, DSI and 3DS but to my surprise no such codes for any 3DS games as of yet. Maybe in a year or so?
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Smoker63B10 answered:

AR now has PowerSaves. Will Edit your Game Cards Saves. Requires a Physical Game Card
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