Question from IcyHammy

Why won't pokemon heartgold turn into night?

I have just started a new file on my heartgold and it is 9:00PM and my game won't switch to night time! when I battle the backround looks like day and i tried restarting the game it still won't work please answer!

IcyHammy provided additional details:

Please please answer Im desperate!!!

IcyHammy provided additional details:

Its a 3DS if it helps

Mutetwo asked for clarification:

Have you changed the time recently or by any chance has this game been hacked through AR or Gameshark?


starwarsfang34 answered:

I could be that your ds time is changed to some earlier time of day. remeber that the ds time is army time, which means that 21:00 is 9:00 pm.
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