Question from Link484

Asked: 2 years ago

Help! My 3DS doesn't wake up from sleep mode! What can I do?

It happened a few times before, but now it's happening over half the time. What's happening is this: When I close my 3DS it goes to sleep mode. It counts the steps and street passes, but when I open it, half the time it stays in sleep mode, and I have to turn the power off and on. I'm afraid it gets worse, and I don't want my Zelda themed 3DS to die. What can I do? Is there any solution?

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From: CaptainDeeDee 2 years ago

If this keeps happening, contact nintendo or the shop where you got your 3DS from.

Nintendo's website - SUPPORT.NINTENDO.COM

Nintendo's long distance call 1-800-255-3700 (keep in mind that this is a long distance number.


P.S. hope this helps so then your 3DS can wake up from sleep mode

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Just call Nintendo or send it to Nintendo.

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