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Asked: 2 years ago

How many ways can Nintendo ban/brick/block/persecute a 3DS user?

I want to play on my 3DS in the best, mostly-legalized way. Is there a way to comply with Nintendo's rules while seeking internet content?

Accepted Answer

From: InMooseWeTrust 5 months ago

I have a DSTwo. Every time I update firmware on my 3DS, a few days later I can use my brother's DS Lite to update the firmware on the DSTwo so it works again.

With the flashcart, I went online on my hacked ROM of Black 2 and traded successfully on GTS with hundreds of people, AND accessed Dream World.

The only downside is flashcarts only work for NDS ROMs. If you want to use 3DS ROMs, you can only do it on a 3DS that has never gone (and will never go) online.

Using flashcarts won't brick your system. However, if you take your 3DS apart and try to hack the hardware, that CAN brick your system.

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Just dont use pirate things such as R4 ds pirating cards and you'll be okay :)

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Honestly, as long as you don't look into R4's, you're being a good consumer.

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