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Technical Help status answers
*URGENT* How do I turn Write Protection off? Answered 1
2 3DS Systems? Answered 2
3D images on the top screen out of sync! How can I fix this? Answered 6
3DS camera keeps freezing? Answered 2
3DS eShop won't load? Just a blank screen? Open 1
3DS firmware update? Answered 3
3DS not starting up properly? Answered 1
3DS with firmware error. Can anyone help ? Answered 1
3DS won't update, what do I do? Answered 2
3DS XL Black same as launch hardware? Open 2
About how much to get repairs done? Open 2
About StreetPass...? Answered 1
Action Replay not being seen by 3DS? Open 1
Am I having problems with streetpass? Answered 3
Biggest SD card and transferring SD cards?? Answered 1
Broken 3DS(upper part)? Answered 1
Can 3DS games be played on other DS systems? Answered 3
Can downloading eShop titles cause my 3DS to be unable to charge? Open 2
Can I get a Street Pass tag if I have a regular DS game playing? Answered 1
Can I get foreign 3DS's repaired in America? Answered 3
Can I register multiple 3DS' to the same Nintendo Network account? Open 1
Can I remove individual games from my Software Library? Answered 1
Can I send games from one DSi to multiple 3DSs? Answered 1
Can i transfer pokemon from Heart Gold to Black 2 with my two of my 3DS or do i have to have a NDS??? Open 1
Can smoke damage Nintendo 3DS? Answered 1
Can the 3DS handle larger then 2GB SD cards? Answered 1
Can the 3DS interact with the DSlite? Answered 2
Can the Web Browser play Flash games? Answered 3
Cannot connect to internet through a DS game? Answered 3
Cannot connect to the internet with the 3DS? Answered 7
Changing The Date Will Mess Up The Activity Log ? Answered 2
Charge question? Answered 2
Circle pad menu keeps opening when I turn the 3DS on? Open 1
Circle pad pro? Answered 2
Connecting a 3DS XL to a wireless router? Answered 4
Connecting to wifi on a school (college) network not possible? Answered 1
Digital copy? Answered 3
Do I have to re-connect my 3DS to the internet every time I turn off the power? Answered 1
Do original DS games work on all region 3ds? Answered 1
Do system updates comes from 3DS games too? Answered 5
Does data on SD cards transfer if I do a system transfer between two 3DSs? Answered 2
Does Factory Resetting a 3ds also remove the friend code? Answered 1
Does returning to factory settings also clear browser history? Answered 1
Does the Charging Cradle really increase download speed? Answered 2
Does this game have a mic? Answered 3
Download Play question? Answered 1
DS Wi-Fi and Local Wireless? Answered 1
Error #003-1105, 3DSXL and selective router connections? Open 1
eShop purchases, what if I lost my 3DS? Answered 2
File names in 3DS Sound? Answered 1
Flipnote? Open 2
Game time system not working? Open 1
Getting out of sleep mode? Answered 1
Help! My 3DS doesn't wake up from sleep mode! What can I do? Answered 2
How can I get a new Pokemon Bank account without deleting my NNID? *new* Open 1
How can I get notified about a note in SwapNote BEFORE 3-4 hours have passed? Answered 1
How do I "right click" in the web browser? Answered 7
How do I access System Settings upon turning on the console? Open 2
How do i get new puzzle panels with spotpass? Answered 2
How do i hard-reset my 3ds? Answered 3
How do I keep track of future software updates? Answered 5
How do I Tranfering Mii from the Wii? Answered 1
How do I transfer sounds made in 3DS sound from my Sd card to my computer? Answered 2
How do Street/Spot Pass work? Answered 2
How do you change the color of the cursor? Answered 1
How do you transfer your data from one system to the next? Answered 1
How do you turn off the shut down screen? Answered 5
How does the online connectivity work on the 3DS? *new* Answered 1
How long does it take for Street Pass to connect? Answered 1
How much RAM does the 3DS have? Answered 3
How to get the relay point to work? Open 1
How to perform a system transfer without the second 3ds? Open 2
I can't seem to see my friend code. Any suggestions? Answered 3
I have a problem with charging? Answered 5
I keep getting "Friend Code has already been registered." Any help? Open 1
I think my 3DS is broken......HELP? Answered 1
I'm having trouble with AR cards. Anyone have any pointers? Answered 2
If I buy a 3DS XL with a preloaded game, can I redownload it? Answered 1
If I configure a 3DS for WPA, what happens with old DS games? Answered 3
Importing from the USA(?) questions. Thanks for any help. Answered 1
In nintendo 3ds sound, why won't it let me make playlists? Answered 1
Is it possible to save .png images from the web browser to the sd card? Answered 3
Is it possible to tag someone more than once a day in Streetpass? Answered 3
Is the 3DS compatible with other region DS games? Answered 1
Is there a way to exit Virtual Console games without having to Suspend? Answered 2
Is there a way to tighten the circle pad? Answered 3
Is there a way to transfer Virtual console games? Answered 1
Is there any kind of add-on that lets you use the GC-GBA link cable to connect the 3DS to the Gamecube? Answered 2
Is there ANY way a 3DS game can be played on a DSi? Answered 2
Is there any way of copying games to another 3DS? Answered 3
Is there any way to install Flash on a 3DS Internet Browser?(legit or not) Answered 1
Is there something wrong with my 3DS's battery? Answered 6
Is there something wrong with my internet settings? Open 2
Loose Upper Screen? Answered 7
Mario is crouching all the time which makes him move slower, how do I make him stand up again? Answered 2
My R Button doesn't work? Answered 1
My Sims 3 3ds Stopped Saving, What Can I Do to Fix It? Open 1
New 3DS... question!? Answered 1
Orange light? Answered 1
Pal or NTSC??? Answered 1
Pedometer & Activity Log question? Open 2
Personal MII ? Answered 3
Pls help with the setup? Answered 1
Possibly faulty charger? Open 1
R & Y buttons for some reason aren't working properly. is there a way to fix this? Open 1
Region Locked in Japan? Answered 2
SavingTransferred Data on the Source 3DS? Open 1
Screeeeeen prooooobleeemmmmm!? Open 3
SD Card Insert? Open 1
Shutting off on it's own? Answered 1
Spotpass DLC, will i get them even if the game isnt in the slot? Answered 1
StreetPass Questions....? Answered 1
System Transfer and pre-installed software? Answered 1
The black screen? Answered 2
The L button won't... stop... working? Answered 1
Transfer downloaded 3DS game to my Mom's 3DS? Answered 1
Transferring DSiWare to 3DS? Answered 1
Transferring eShop games over to a new 3ds? Open 1
Transferring past Wi-Fi data? Answered 3
Update error? Open 1
What exactly happens when the 3DS finishes charging? Answered 2
What games are available that you can use the circle pad pro on? Answered 3
What happens when there is a 3DS update in North America but I have a Korean 3DS? Answered 1
What is it like playing a normel DS game on this thing? Answered 6
What is the cause of this 3DS problem? Answered 2
What/where is the 1 and 2 button? Answered 1
Whats the fastest way? Answered 2
Whats wrong with my 3ds? Open 1
When will the Web Browser be released? Answered 3
Where do i find the 3DS IP Address? Open 2
Where in Europe is the eShop the cheapest? Open 1
Where is the Shop? Answered 7
Why can't I watch youtube videos on my 3dsxl? Answered 1
why do I keep getting different colored notification lights at once? Open 1
Why does my 3DS not update? Answered 1
Why does my AR DSi not work? Answered 2
Why does the 3ds browser not save any images that are 2 or 3 kb big? Answered 1
Why does the 3ds freeze then restart? Open 2
Why does the browser say "cannot load this image" every time I try to save a picture from facebook to my sd ca Answered 1
Why does the game keep putting the wrong date? Answered 1
Why does the screen turn black when in contact with a DS? Answered 1
Why is my Friend Code Changing? Answered 2
Why is my volume terrible? Answered 1
Why won't my 3ds load any apps or games? Open 1
Why won't Netflix work? Answered 2
Why won't pokemon heartgold turn into night? Open 1
Why won't some DS games work on my 3DS? Open 2
why wont my Swapnote send my notes? Answered 1
Wi fi? Answered 3
Wi-fi compatibility? Answered 1
WIFI Issue? Answered 1
Will Spotpass force you to run an update? Answered 5
Will the 3d effect be messed up with a buffering kit? Open 1
Will the 3DS get online by USB connector? Answered 2
WIll the Nintendo Eshop for a Japanese 3DS work in the US? Answered 3
Other Help status answers
3D glasses ? Answered 1
3Ds 3D? Answered 2
3DS app icons dont match the app name? Someone please help? Open 1
3DS Camera - How to save video edits???? Open 1
3DS features? Answered 2
3DS Friend Code? Answered 13
3DS Internet Issues? Answered 1
3DS Not charging? Please help!! Open 1
3DS PIN number? Open 1
3DS remdeeming a Usa code, and using it for the Japanese 3DS? Answered 2
3DS to 3DS System Transfer? Answered 1
3DS Two Random Questions? Answered 1
3DS XL Black Screen? Open 1
3ds XL or wii u? Answered 1
3DS XL screen? Answered 2
3DS XL touch screen soft? Open 1
3DS XL... charging? Answered 1
3DS yellow tinted top screen issue? Open 2
About the Eshop and charges? Open 1
About the Friend list....? Answered 1
Action replay? Open 3
Ambassadors Program- Late Qualifying? Answered 1
Any way to change the character language? Answered 5
Anybody know any 3DS regarstation codes? Answered 1
Anyone for friend code exchange for animal crossing new leaf? Open 7
Anyone played on the NA server, north american games on northamerican 3ds from China?tell me your experience? Open 1
Australian and UK 3DS's: How do I get everything onto the one system? Answered 1
Backwards Compatibility? Answered 2
Black spots on 3D screen? Answered 1
Blue Parakeet? Answered 1
Broken stylus? Answered 6
Brother gave me his 3ds whenhe got a wii u. how do i remove the account butsave the game he downloaded on sd card? Open 2
Brown 3DS??? Open 3
Buying import 3ds for EU/Australia in Japan? Answered 1
Can a 3DS, playing a 3DS game, multiplayer with a DS, playing a DS game, if they are the same game? Answered 2
Can any one trade me a Houndour? Open 3
Can anyone trade me a Petilil? Open 1
Can I borrow a game from other people via SD Card? Open 3
Can I connect to NA servers with a EU 3DS? Open 1
Can I delete unwanted applications from the Home Menu? Answered 1
Can i do download play with my cousins ds lite? Answered 1
Can I get an add-on so I can play with two slide pads? Answered 1
Can I get GBA ambassador games? Answered 1
Can I Have 2 (Physical) Copies of Animal Crossing: New Leaf Saved on the Same 3DS? Answered 2
Can I play Japanese Pokemon HeartGold or SoulSilver on American Nintendo 3ds? Answered 5
Can I play my Wii VC games on the VC 3DS? Answered 2
Can I play pokemon on the 3ds? Answered 4
Can I still get spotpass/streetpass downloads while running DS/DSi Ware games? Answered 1
Can I view txt files on my 3DS? Answered 1
Can my DS games be played on 3DS? Answered 3
Can someone help me to choose an eShop game? Answered 1
Can someone tell me what all the updates are? Open 3
Can someone tell me? Unanswered 0
Can someone trade me my kadabra and my scyther so i can evolve trade them ? Answered 1
Can the 3D feature be turned off? Answered 1
Can The 3DS Be Jailbroken Much Like the IOS Devices? Answered 1
Can the 3DS connect with other DS systems? Answered 6
Can the 3ds get a virus when you use the internet browser? Answered 1
Can the 3DS play movies? Answered 6
Can the menus on the Japanese 3DS be changed into English? Answered 1
Can u trade in 2 ds's and get $200 off? Answered 2
Can you copy the save of your digital game on another 3ds who also happen to own the game? Open 1
Can you download movies and watch them on the 3DS or web? Answered 3
Can you keep stuff on your dsi? Answered 4
Can you move things from your DSi to the 3DS? Answered 11
Can you pay for a Hulu Plus/Netflix Subscription with Nintendo Prepaid Cards? Open 1
Can you use Wii sd cards on a 3ds? Answered 3
Charging 3DS with Foreign Charger? Answered 1
Choose a Game?? Answered 1
Choose Game? Answered 1
Club Nintendo Help? Answered 1
Comprehensive 3DS question, for the patient? Open 1
Daylight Savings Time automatic switch? Answered 1
Delayed? Answered 1
Deoxys or shiny Giratina for Kangaskhanite? Open 1
Do 3DS Friend Codes transfer with the 3DS Transfer? Answered 1
Do I have to make a Nintendo account to download stuff from eShop? Answered 2
Do I need a converter for charging a japanese 3ds? Open 2
Do I need an active Nintendo account to link to? Answered 1
Do you know where it is? Can you help me? Answered 1
Does 3DS game data save onto the game cartridge or the 3DS itself? Answered 1
Does anyone have an unused pin number for a 3ds? Answered 1
Does anyone wanna be friends? I'm nice! Open 10
Does anyone want to trade friend codes for friend safari? Answered 1
Does Digital Copy work on the 3DS? Open 2
Does my game save to the 3ds? Open 1
Does playing games like pokemon or kid icarus on wi-fi cost anything? Answered 1
Does spotpass run overseas? Answered 1
Does the 3DS 3D effects cause eye strain or headaches? Answered 3
Does the 3DS automatically stop charging when it fully charges, or does it over xharge? Answered 1
Does the 3DS have a messaging system? Answered 1
Does the 3DS have a photo channel? Answered 1
Does the 3DS use the same charger as the DSi? Answered 1
Does the Pedometer stop adding Play Coins after 1000 steps? Answered 1
Dose the 3ds use the same power plug as the dsi? Answered 1
DS Compatibility? Answered 2
DSi to 3DS ambassador transfer? Answered 2
Dumb question should i get the 3DS in blue or black? Answered 1
Eshop? Answered 1
Eshop?? Answered 3
Eye Damage? Answered 1
Friend Code? Open 15
Friend codes for pokemon Y please? Mine is 4484-8050-4386 Open 14
Friends for Luigis mansion? Open 2
Games for the 3DS? Answered 1
Got pokemon X or Y? add me for friend safari Open 2
Green 3DS?? Open 4
Has anyone tried internet connection with AT & T 3800HGV-B wireless router with nintendo 3DS? Open 1
Headphones? Answered 1
Help with the download play? Answered 1
Help! acedentally reset my 3ds!? Open 3
Help? Answered 1
Hey! I was just wondering how many bits is the 3DS. Can som1 help me? Answered 1
Hometown Story Help! Dexter? Open 1
How big is a 3DS download block in KB/MB? Answered 1
How can I get out of Netflix? Answered 2
How can I get YouTube to play videos on the internet browser? Answered 1
How can i play jpn game in usa 3ds? Answered 1
How Can I Retrieve My Downloaded Games? Open 2
How can I transfer ALL my 3DS Data from one SD card to another? Open 1
How can you tell if a 3DS game is first edition? Open 1
How do get videos off my pc and play them on my 3ds? Answered 2
How do i clean the 3DSXL touch screen? Answered 1
How do I delete someone from my Friend List? Answered 1
How do I get more ar cards? Answered 3
How do I import audio files into 3DS recordings? Open 2
How do I merge two SD cards into one? Open 3
How do I obtain Spotpass Puzzle Swap pieces? Answered 5
How do I play Pokemon White online on my 3ds? Answered 1
How do i put image on an sd card on 3ds? Answered 4
How do I save the game I am currently playing? Answered 1
How do I send my highlighted words to the URL? Answered 1
How do I soft reset? Answered 5
How do I unlock Krauser's load out ? Answered 1
How do I X out of a tab/page on the 3DS browser? Answered 1
How do NES games look on the 3DS? Answered 2
How do you download a M rated game on the eshop? Open 2
How do you get the eshop avalible in the home menu? Answered 3
How do you save your pictures from the wii photo channel onto your sd card? Answered 1
How do you use Nin 3DS Sound? Answered 1
how does 3DS battery's life ? Answered 2
How does Download Later work? Answered 1
How does the frind code system work? Answered 1
How good is the 3D? Answered 1
How long does 3ds last? Answered 5
How many ways can Nintendo ban/brick/block/persecute a 3DS user? Answered 3
How much can I sell my 3DS for? Open 2
How much Club Nintendo Points do you get for buying a 3DS? Answered 1
How much is a 3DS with tax? Answered 3
How much is the 3DS? Answered 1
How much? Open 2
How powerful is 3DS compared to PS2? Open 4
How to add exact amount to wallet? Open 1
How to backup data from a hard copy? Open 1
How to change language in NTSC-J SSF43D? Open 1
How to delete a demo? Open 1
How to download iTunes music onto the 3DS's SD Card? Answered 4
How to get rid of shut down screen? Answered 2
How to transfer data to one 3DS to another? Open 2
I have a slight problem? Open 2
I need 3DS help about the pedometer? Answered 5
I need a shiny ralts!!? Open 1
I never got the pixel mario hat or any of the bigger puzzles, my 3ds and plaza are up to date, how do i get them? Open 1
If I buy a 3DS game on demand, will the save files transfer from the cartridge? Open 1
If i update my 3ds to the latest update will some of my games become unplayable? Open 3
If the 3ds does not have a gba slot......? Answered 1
Im OCD about my 3ds? Answered 1
Impact Indicators? Answered 1
In Search of Friend Codes for Pokemon X & Y? Answered 36
Ineed friends for 3ds? Open 11
Is a Club Nintendo account the closest thing we got to having an "eShop account"? Open 2
Is it necessary to turn off wireless when shutting down the 3DS? Answered 2
Is it possible to play multiple game files on separate SD's? Open 2
Is it possible to reorder the applications on the Home menu? Answered 1
Is it really worth it? Answered 1
Is it still possible to get NES titles? Answered 3
Is it worth getting? Answered 1
Is system transfer "7 days" from the exact time or general? Open 1
Is the 2ds built like a ds or the wii u game pad? Open 2
Is the 3DS an Eighth Generation handheld? Answered 11
Is the 3DS Region-Free? Answered 1
Is the 3DS reverse compatible? Answered 2
Is there a way to get free nintendo eshop points? Answered 1
Is there an app that I can use to transfer images from a pc to my 3DS? Answered 1
Is there any type of gold mii converter? Answered 1
Is there any way to tag more one person more than 99 times on a single ds, like reset the tag count or something? Open 3
Is this covered by the warranty? Answered 1
Linking 3DS XL to Club Nintendo, same as Registering? Answered 1
Maxumum Number of Friends? Answered 1
Mii map on 3Ds? Open 1
Miiverse Violation? Open 1
Multiple Questions? Answered 4
My 3ds keeps on shutting off at random times? Answered 1
My 3ds Turns 3d to 2d Rapidly Whenever i Do Anything! Can Someone Help? Open 2
My 3ds XL got formatted & it had a pre installed game on it, is there a way I can get the game back without purchase Open 1
My 3ds, once opened, won't shut easily? Open 1
My touchscreen got some disturbing scratches, any way to fix it? Answered 1
Need a Tyranitarnite. anyone that can help me? Open 1
Need suggestions for games with...? Open 1
New 3DS XL, SD card data not showing? Open 1
Nintendo ID email trouble? Open 1
Nintendo Network? Answered 2
Nintendo Video Question? Answered 2
Nyko power grip? Open 1
One picture take up 1000 picture space? Answered 1
Original DS Games - Imported from the US? Answered 3
Other DS3 Colors? Answered 9
Petit computer help me ? Open 1
Pilot wing 3d or rayman 3d? Answered 1
Play coins ? Answered 2
Play coins question? Answered 2
Plugged in 3DS all the time or plugged in only when the battery's low? Answered 1
Pokemon X and Y Friend Code excange!!!?!!! Answered 1
Pokemon x and y friend code exchange? Open 17
Pokemon x or y trade? Open 1
Power button proablems turning on/off? Answered 1
Question about eShop? Answered 1
Question about Play Coins? Answered 1
Question about Pokedex 3DS? Answered 1
Region Locked DS Games? Answered 1
Remake? Answered 2
Removing the SD card while playing a downloaded game? Open 1
SD card x 3 transfer? Open 1
Should i bother? Open 3
should I buy the 3ds now ? Answered 1
Should I Buy the Legend of ZELDA Oracle of Ages,the legend of Zelda Oracle of Seasons or Both?? Answered 1
Should I get a Japanese 3DS? Answered 4
Should i get the 3ds or wait for NGP? Answered 1
Should I get the Nintendo 3DS now or should I wait for a Mario title to be released? Open 4
So, how does the friendcode thing work? Open 1
Someone HELP!!?? Open 1
Special birthday stuff? Answered 1
Streetpass function? Answered 1
Streetpass Not Working? Open 2
StreetPass panels? Answered 2
Streetpass questions? Answered 1
System Transfer Tutorial? Open 1
Tech help towards AR DSi w/ 3DS? Answered 1
The apps on the SD card can't be read? Open 1
The best 3d is in which games? Open 3
The games that I downloaded BEFORE i created my nintendo network id will be deleted if I delete my nintendo id? Open 1
Time date for 3ds games listed? Answered 1
Transferring eshop games from card to card? Open 1
Tv on 3ds? Open 1
Update? Answered 2
Uper 3ds screen becomes dark? Open 2
Upgrading to 3DS and nintendo eshop question? (Please read) Open 1
Usage tip #'s 30 & 110??? Answered 1
Was The 3DS Sold Worldwide? Answered 1
What are 3DS features? Answered 1
What are some cool multiplayer games...? Answered 4
What can you unlock with the coins? Answered 2
what CPU does 3ds use ? Open 1
What do I do? Answered 2
What does it mean when it says update available on my downloaded games? Answered 2
What does q4 mean? Answered 1
What game? Open 1
What is the best way to charge the 3DS? Answered 2
What is the SD card for? Answered 5
What kind of charger does the 3DS XL use? Open 3
What should i do to get my 3ds to detect the sd card again? Open 1
What the hell do I do? Open 1
What will happen to my downloaded games after I erase the Nintendo Network ID? Open 1
What's the best way to marry in fire emblem awakening?) Open 2
What's the difference between spotpass and street pass? Answered 1
What's the use of the charging cradle? Answered 2
What's wrong with my charger? Open 3
Whats wrong with the analog of my 3DS? Open 4
What`s with 3DS Virtual console`s special functions? Answered 1
When are the Browser and DSiShop updates coming? Photos question Answered 1
When do I get the link? Answered 2
When exactly does Flipnote Studio for 3ds come out ? Answered 3
When is the Legend of Zelda 3D game going to be released? Answered 1
When the 3ds shop comes out will u get it autimaticly? Answered 2
When will the eShop come to SEA(south east asia)? Open 2
When will there be 3DS rewards on Club Nintendo?(3DS case, Game card holders, etc) Answered 4
Where do I find ice in Harvest Moon A New Beginning? Open 2
Where to buy? Open 1
Where to download 3DS emulator for Computer for free? Answered 3
Which 3DS is better, NTSC or Pal ? Answered 2
Who wants to be friends? Open 7
Who wants to be my friend? Open 8
Why am I not online? Answered 1
Why Did All 3DS Games Had Region-Lock? Answered 1
Why is rayman 3D comeing out march 22 when the 3DS comes out march 27? Answered 1
Why only some pics...? Answered 1
Why these types of buttons? Answered 1
Why won't my 3DS turn on ? Open 2
Why Would The Action Replay Wont Work On The 3DS? Answered 1
Wich game should I buy? Answered 1
Wii DLC? Answered 1
Will 3DS games have DLC? Answered 7
Will anything be lost during a system transfer? Open 4
Will the 3ds have flip note studio? Answered 2
Will the ds action reaplay work for this? Answered 1
Will the NES titles from September 1st still be available now? If so how come nothing changed in the eShop yet? Answered 1
Will there be pokemon? Answered 1
Will you be able to download GBA games on e shop? Answered 3
You can use Wii points cards to add funds to a 3DS, right? Answered 1
Youtube App For 3DS is unavailable in eShop download? Open 1

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