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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Drake's Salamence? 0

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
How do I get more friend codes? 2

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
?I need of mewtwo dlc 3ds (will pay) 0

Technical Help Answers
3DS assistence? 0
3DS transferring data for about 4 hours help?? 0
3ds wont connect to internet? 0
Accidentally deleted data on micro sd card? 0
At digital games tied to the console or the NNID? 0
Can I transfer data from my Dsi and my 3ds to my New3ds? 0
Can't link to eshop ? 0
Charging a european 3ds in Japan? 0
Combine 3DS data? 0
Does Pokemon omega ruby and alpha sapphire support cross region multiplayer? 0
Help me please? 0
Help me please? 0
Hi, 3DS Circle pad not functioning correctly, repair costs? AUS 0
How does Data transfer work from N3DS to NewN3DS? 0
How to link club nintendo account to eshop on 3ds ? 0
I need to move my save data for download games to my New 3ds. Help? 0
I'm looking for a decent hand grip for the Nu3ds does anyone have any recommendations? Preferrably on amazon! 0
imported a European new 3ds to usa it doesnt work is it because of connecting to the internet? 0
Is it Possible to Transfer Software From Two Source 3ds to a New 3ds XL? 0
Is there a way to get two 3ds to connect via streetpass multi times a day? 0
Is this MicroSDHC card good to use on the new 3DS? 0
Keep getting error code on a download of Jewel Quest 3? 0
My brother short-circuited my 3ds? 0
My New 3DS XL Streetpass mii plaza wont update? 0
My New White 3DS' screen light is shining out of the plastic what do I do? 0
New 3DS micro SD card issue? 0
New 3ds microsd card management help? 0
New 3DS transfer help? 0
new nintendo 3ds XL ds game freezing? 0
System Transfer? 0
System Update "An error has occurred" Fix? *new* 0
System won't boot/Black screens with power light? 0
Theme Shop. Unable to obtain data? 0
There is at least one pokemon that is not able to participate. How can I play Rating Battles ? 0
Transferring data to the New Nintendo 3DS Xl? 0
Unable to view Eshop Games? 0
Why can't I edit or delete pictures in N3DS Camera? 0
why does my 3ds XL keep turning off when i open it? 0
Why does the game keep telling me SD Card enable? 0
Why is the System Update (October 2014) not progressing properly? 0
Why won't my 3ds connect? 0
2 SD Cards w/ data transferred to a separate one? 1
3DS Data transfer? 1
3DS eShop won't load? Just a blank screen? 1
3DS Randomly Shuts Off? 1
3DS System Transfer Without SD Card? 1
3DS XL Black same as launch hardware? 2
3ds XL controls and touch screen become unresponsive, any fix? 1
A collection of questions about making the switch to the New 3DS XL? 1
A question about the System Format and my Nintendo Network ID? 1
About how much to get repairs done? 3
Action Replay not being seen by 3DS? 2
All of my downloaded games are gone! How do I fix it? 1
American 3DS to European New 3DS Transfer - Help?? 1
An eShop 3DS title I've downloaded won't run, any suggestions? 2
Anyone know why my Animal Crossing New Leaf glitch is occurring? 1
Backing up the SD card deletes data? 1
Black Screen of death? Maybe? 3
Black Screen, dropped it, please help? 2
Can a micro SD work in a normal 3DS XL if you use an SD adapter? 1
Can downloading eShop titles cause my 3DS to be unable to charge? 2
Can I redownload a preinstalled game onto a wiped 3DS? 1
Can I register multiple 3DS' to the same Nintendo Network account? 1
Can i transfer pokemon from Heart Gold to Black 2 with my two of my 3DS or do i have to have a NDS??? 1
Can you log out of the EShop? 1
Can you transfer a pre-installed game to a new 3ds and keep it on the old one? 2
Can you transfer eShop-bought software from one 3DS to another? 2
Can't connect to wifi? 2
Can't StreetPass My Brother All of A Sudden?! 2
Can't use Nintendo EShop Card (Canada) on a US Nintendo 3DS? 1
Charge time for the New 3DS LL? 1
Circle pad menu keeps opening when I turn the 3DS on? 1
Corrupted SD Card? 1
Does the 3ds action replay power saves work with ds games? 1
DS games on New 3DS? 1
Error #003-1105, 3DSXL and selective router connections? 1
Fire Emblem Awakening incompatible with my 3DS? 1
Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS Transfer to Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate? 1
Flipnote? 3
Format then transfer. Will I keep my NNID? 2
Game time system not working? 1
HD game capture? 1
Help with Circle pad 3ds xl? 2
How can I get a new Pokemon Bank account without deleting my NNID? 2
How can I get my 3DS repaired? 1
How can I transfer a digital game between my 3ds and 3ds XL? 1
How come My L and R buttons don't work ? 1
How do I access System Settings upon turning on the console? 3
How do I merge two Nintendo network accounts together? 1
How do I say the child user is over 13? 1
How do I transfer data between SD cards on my 3DS without deleting my 3DS data on my other one? 1
How do I transfer data from one 3ds to another? 1
How do we create 3DS home menu layouts? 1
How to fix internet? 1
How to get the relay point to work? 1
How to perform a system transfer without the second 3ds? 2
How to prevent loss of downloaded games? 1
How to retreive games on formatted 3ds? 1
How to transfer game from 2 3ds with diffrent accounts ? 1
I can't get any Pink puzzle pieces for Puzzle Swap? 1
I didn't get the oars demo code in my e-mail even though I made an account on the pokemon website? 1
I dropped my 3ds in the toilet, HELP!? 2
I keep getting "Friend Code has already been registered." Any help? 1
I lost my 3DS game, anyway to back up the saved data? 1
I tried switching my SD card to a 4GB, but it only has 4,000 blocks? 2
I was playing my animal crossing game, and while I was outside, I experienced a random pitch black screen? 1
If a game has updates for it before I buy the game, will I still have to download the updates after I buy it? 1
If I buy a ds with a game installed, do I keep it? 1
If I have a game on a SD card, can I play that game on another 3DS? 2
Install a new rubber analog cap? 1
Is the New 3DS Compatible with old DS games? 1
Is there something wrong with my internet settings? 2
Keeping digital games on a used 3DS? 1
L button broken? 2
My 3DS can't connect to the internet like it used to (error 003-2103) how can I fix this? 1
My 3DS screens went black and it wont work now, how do I fix it? 1
My 3ds xl notification light flashes light red briefly help? 2
My Sims 3 3ds Stopped Saving, What Can I Do to Fix It? 1
My Stretpass doenst work anymore, help plz? 1
My system won't go to the Home screen when it starts up and stays black? 1
Need answer soon! Help with storage space? 1
Need help with connecting 3ds to internet. Anybody got answers? 1
New 3DS not charging but orange charge light comes on as normal? 1
Nintendo Eshop error? 1
ORAS European transparent 2DS in the US? 1
Pedometer & Activity Log question? 2
Picking up the Persona 3DS, I currently have the Fire Emblem 3DS. Can I system transfer? 1
plugged in the game, but it shows There is nothing inserted into the game card slot, why? 2
Possibly faulty charger? 1
R & Y buttons for some reason aren't working properly. is there a way to fix this? 1
Save Data help? 1
SavingTransferred Data on the Source 3DS? 1
Screeeeeen prooooobleeemmmmm!? 3
SD Card Insert? 1
Set WPA connection manually? 1
Storage problems, 29 free blocks but 3.3 gb free? 3
System transfer - does it delete save data and games? 1
Transferring eShop games over to a new 3ds? 1
Transferring from multiple 3DS to one 3DS? 1
Update error? 1
What should I do for Internet access? 1
Whats wrong with my 3ds? 1
Where do i find the 3DS IP Address? 2
Where in Europe is the eShop the cheapest? 3
why did my Pokemon Glazed file get erased? 1
why do I keep getting different colored notification lights at once? 1
Why does my 3DS Inner and Outer Camera Freezes or showing no display? 1
Why does my 3DS keep telling me "You cannot use Internet Registration because you are not online."? 1
Why does my 3DS spontaneously turn off and pop? 1
Why does the 3ds freeze then restart? 3
Why does the it tell me error occured unable to update every time I try to update the system? 1
Why does the street pass light keep blinking red? 1
Why does the system keep on saying ERROR HAS OCCURED, SYSTEM UPDATE FAILED when I try to update it? 1
Why won't my 3ds load any apps or games? 1
Why won't my 3DS's download play work? 1
Why won't pokemon heartgold turn into night? 1
Why won't some DS games work on my 3DS? 2
Will the 3d effect be messed up with a buffering kit? 1
Would it be possible to streetpass with one game but two 3ds'? 1
[HELP] System Transfer stuck on checking SD card? 1

Other Help Answers
3DS e-shop games causing system to break? 0
3DS XL to New 3DS XL system transfer help? 0
A good site for homebrew? 0
Alternative to the 3ds charger..? 0
Any friend codes? 0
Can I still redeem a Diancie code? 0
Can someoe add me on 3ds? *new* 0
Can someone create a Pokemon team for me? 0
Can someone me on 3ds for animal crossing? *new* 0
Can someone me on 3ds for animal crossing? *new* 0
Can someone send over a HA Chimchar? 0
Can somone trade me a Lilligant? 0
Can you use foreign vouchers for eshop? 0
Club Nintendo and two 3ds with DL games question? 0
Club nintendo wii u codes? 0
Could I get a MEWTWO Code for 3DS from anyone? 0
Dillon's rolling western, Mario vs DK: Minis on the move, or harmoknight? 0
Do I need both the wiiu version and 3ds version to get mewtwo at all? 0
Does anyone has an extra or un useful blazikenite? 0
Does anyone have any of these legendary pokemon they are willing to trade in Alpha Sapphire? 0
Does system transfer between two 3DS's delete digital game saves? 0
Does the masuda method work with a qr code foreign Italian ditto? 0
Does Visa Electron work on Nintendo Eshop? 0
Downgrading 3ds firmware? 0
Friends? Anyone? Omega Ruby *new* 0
Has there ever been another use for the Ambassador program besides the twenty games? 0
Help on buying a US 3DS??? 0
Help! Is it possible to contact someone with only their fc? 0
Hidden ability and/or events? (only in XY) 0
How do you use the kitchen? 0
How much can i sell my 3ds xl for? 0
How Much Is This Worth? 0
I need more coins in club nintendo, can you give me some codes plz? 0
If I have 2 eshop accounts, can I get download a game from the one i'm not using? 0
If I lost a game and buy a the same one again will I be able to continue from where I left off? 0
Is any one playing games on 3ds here in India ? Need some help 0
Is EB Games and Gamestop the same? 0
Is it possible to recover my old SD card data? 0
Looking for Steel safari with skarmory or forretres and dark with inkay? 0
New 3ds ? 0
New 3DS Trade-In offer from GameStop? 0
NEW 3ds XL top screen cracked? 0
On average, how many games do you buy on the Nintendo DS (any generations) monthly? 0
Pokemon games? 0
Pokemon Omega Ruby Trading Machoke? 0
Pokemon save files? 0
Should I buy a New 3DS or a New 3DS XL? 0
Sound wont work? 0
Transfer question: Preinstalled data? 0
What happens when I remove my NID and how? 0
when I transfer my sd files to a microsd can i just copy and paste? 0
When should I have an e-mail by Nintendo for the winter 2014 promotion code? 0
Which is more comfortable for your hands? The New 3ds or the New 3ds XL? 0
Why does my touchscreen appear so fuzzy and the pixels obnoxious? 0
3ds Ambassidor Games to new 3ds (my old 3ds got stolen)? 1
3DS app icons dont match the app name? Someone please help? 1
3DS Camera - How to save video edits???? 1
3DS DLC data? 1
3ds friend code exchange for animal crossing new leaf? 2
3DS Friend Code? 1
3DS Friend Codes? 1
3DS Not charging? Please help!! 2
3DS PIN number? 1
3DS screen turned off then on? 1
3ds Shut off randomly!!! help!!!!??? 1
3DS System Transfer and Friend Safari Hidden Ability Help? 1
3DS XL Black Screen? 2
3DS XL touch screen soft? 1
3DS yellow tinted top screen issue? 2
About the Eshop and charges? 1
Accidently deleted everstone; will someone please trade me theirs? 1
Action replay? 4
Add me as a friend and tell me what type of safari my account has along with the pokemon? (Pokemon X and Y) 2
Add me aswell on 3ds and pokemon x as I can give you any pokemon with shiny and would love to battle and do wagers!? 1
Animal crossing new leaf 3ds friend code exchange? 18
Animal Crossings New Leaf Friend Code exchange? 1
Anyone for friend code exchange for animal crossing new leaf? 3
Anyone played on the NA server, north american games on northamerican 3ds from China?tell me your experience? 1
Anyone wanna trade friend codes for animal crossing? 6
Anyone want to add me to their 3DS Friend List? 1
Anyone want to exchange friend codes Animal Crossing New Leaf ? 14
Anyone want to trade friend codes for animal crossing new leaf? 8
Best games on 3ds ? 1
Brother gave me his 3ds whenhe got a wii u. how do i remove the account butsave the game he downloaded on sd card? 2
Brown 3DS??? 3
Can any one trade me a Houndour? 3
Can anyone trade me a Petilil? 1
Can I borrow a game from other people via SD Card? 3
Can I connect to NA servers with a EU 3DS? 1
Can i download NES Games from the 3DS E shop and play them on my 3DS? 1
Can I get a new friend code on my 3ds? 2
Can I keep 3DS downloaded titles on my computer and transfer them back to the 3DS? 1
Can I transfer data from 3DS to 3DS and then to another 3DS? 1
Can someone give me a $50 nintendo eshop code? 1
Can someone help me evolve my haunter in pokemon y? 1
Can someone help me find the new 3ds XL on Amazon? It was supposed to be released today. 1
Can someone tell me what all the updates are? 3
Can someone tell me? 1
Can you copy the save of your digital game on another 3ds who also happen to own the game? 3
Can you pay for a Hulu Plus/Netflix Subscription with Nintendo Prepaid Cards? 1
Club Nintendo Pins? *Help* 1
Comprehensive 3DS question, for the patient? 1
Deoxys or shiny Giratina for Kangaskhanite? 1
Do I need a converter for charging a japanese 3ds? 2
Do you need a Japanese NNID to download eShop games? 1
Does anyone have a ditto friend safari? if so plz add me my friend code is 1478-4258-9427 1
Does anyone have a Meloetta for trade? 1
Does anyone wanna be friends? I'm nice! 10
Does anyone want to exchange friend codes acnl? 2
Does anyone want to exchange friend codes for animal crossing new leaf with me? 10
Does anyone want to exchange friend codes on Animal Crossings new leaf??? 1
Does Digital Copy work on the 3DS? 2
Does my game save to the 3ds? 2
Does streetpass work in other country? 1
Frend codes anyone? 1
Friend Code exchange for Animal Crossing New Leaf anyone? 3
Friend code exchange for animal crossing new leaf? 30
friend code for 3ds friend code 1736-3063-1984 also if you play Kid icarus uprisng and super smash bros for 3ds ? 2
Friend Code is 1633 - 4854 - 0413, who wants to join? *new* 1
Friend Code? 17
Friend Safari? 2
Friends for Luigis mansion? 2
Game Save Data? 1
Got pokemon X or Y? add me for friend safari 9
Green 3DS?? 4
Has anyone tried internet connection with AT & T 3800HGV-B wireless router with nintendo 3DS? 1
Help me get my friends to show up please? 1
Help With a website? Please! 2
Help! acedentally reset my 3ds!? 2
Hometown Story Help! Dexter? 1
How can I transfer ALL my 3DS Data from one SD card to another? 1
How can you tell if a 3DS game is first edition? 1
How Come CN (Club Nintendo) is still down? 1
How do I connect a 3ds handheld to a ds handheld via Wi-Fi? 1
How do I copy software from one SD card to another? 1
How do I delete the nintendo network ID when I don't know the password and it's preowned? 1
How do I import audio files into 3DS recordings? 2
How do I transfer my sounds to my computer? 1
How do you add friends in Pokemon X? 1
How do you download a M rated game on the eshop? 2
How does Friend Safari work?? Please help me, my friend code is 5429-7325-8980 1
How long does a 3DS system transfer take? 1
How many blocks are on an 8gb SD card? 1
How Much Could I Sell This For? 1
How much? 2
How much? 1
How powerful is 3DS compared to PS2? 4
How to add exact amount to wallet? 1
How to backup data from a hard copy? 1
How to change account in 3ds system without deleting the pre-install game? 1
How to change language in NTSC-J SSF43D? 1
How to transfer data to one 3DS to another? 2
I have a slight problem? 2
I just started playing Animal Crossing New Leaf. Who wants to exchange friendcodes to visit eachother? 1
I need a new SD card for my 3DS XL but how do I transfer all the saved files over to the new one? 1
I need a shiny ralts!!? 1
I need help I give a lvl 100 shiny darkrai for a shiny charm my friend code is 3711 - 9115 - 2587 ? 1
I need some help and feed back! What should i do? 1
I never got the pixel mario hat or any of the bigger puzzles, my 3ds and plaza are up to date, how do i get them? 2
I'm looking for friends for Animal crossing, anyone willing to share friend codes? 3
If I buy a 3DS game on demand, will the save files transfer from the cartridge? 2
If I play a ds game on my 3ds?? 1
If I purchase a 3DS in one region and take it to another, can I play online? 1
If i update my 3ds to the latest update will some of my games become unplayable? 3
If my 3ds gets broken are my purchases lost ? 1
Ineed friends for 3ds? 11
Is a Club Nintendo account the closest thing we got to having an "eShop account"? 2
Is any one playing games on 3ds here in India ? 1
Is it possible to play multiple game files on separate SD's? 2
Is system transfer "7 days" from the exact time or general? 1
Is the 2ds built like a ds or the wii u game pad? 2
Is there a way to store all my Mii Plaza data anywhere? 1
Is there any way I can deactivate my Nintendo Network ID without having my 3ds system with me? 1
Is there any way to tag more one person more than 99 times on a single ds, like reset the tag count or something? 3
Looking for Animal Crossing New Leaf friends? 5
Looking to trade for a mew in pokemon x or y? 1
Lost/out of system a physical copy 3Ds game but still getting notifications about it Via Streetpass +Spotpass? 1
Mii map on 3Ds? 1
Most played 3ds game? 3
My 3DS top is falling apart? 1
My 3ds Turns 3d to 2d Rapidly Whenever i Do Anything! Can Someone Help? 2
My 3ds XL got formatted & it had a pre installed game on it, is there a way I can get the game back without purchase 1
My 3ds, once opened, won't shut easily? 1
my friend code stuff:) Add? 1
My Nintendo 3DS folder on my SDHC card won't move to the desktop. How do I get it to move? 1
Need a Tyranitarnite. anyone that can help me? 1
Need friend codes for my pokemon games? 27
Need friend codes plz? 1
Need friends on Harvest Moon The Tale of Two Towns 3DS.. Can Anyone ADD Me? 1
Need suggestions for games with...? 1
New 3ds xl amazon? 1
New 3DS XL, SD card data not showing? 1
New Nintendo 3DS XL hinge issue? 1
Nintendo ID email trouble? 1
Nyko power grip? 1
Petit computer help me ? 1
PLZ HELP! Questions about Nintendo Network ID and Transfers? 1
Pokemon Alpha Sapphire need shiny charmander? 1
Pokemon X and Y Friend Code Exchange? 3
Pokemon X and Y Friend Codes? 5
Pokemon x or y trade? 2
Pokemon Y Team Help? 1
Removing the SD card while playing a downloaded game? 1
SD card x 3 transfer? 1
Sell 3DSXL but keep NNID/eShop games for later? 2
Should i bother? 3
Should I buy the new 3DS or the new 3DS XL? 1
Should I get the Nintendo 3DS now or should I wait for a Mario title to be released? 4
So, how does the friendcode thing work? 1
Someone HELP!!?? 1
Streetpass Not Working? 3
System Transfer Tutorial? 1
The apps on the SD card can't be read? 1
The best 3d is in which games? 3
The games that I downloaded BEFORE i created my nintendo network id will be deleted if I delete my nintendo id? 2
To students who owns a 3ds, does it affect your grades? 2
Trading charizardite y for charizardite x? 1
Transfer one Game from a 3ds to 3ds ?? 1
Transferring Data? 1
Transferring eshop games from card to card? 1
Tv on 3ds? 1
Uper 3ds screen becomes dark? 2
Upgrading to 3DS and nintendo eshop question? (Please read) 1
Used 3DS system transfer? 1
What are the region of Nintendo 3DS games that are sold in Doha, Qatar and Dubai? 1
what CPU does 3ds use ? 1
What does the format type N3G mean? 1
What does the system transfer ACTUALLY transfer? 1
What game? 1
What happens when you format your 3DS? 1
What should i do to get my 3ds to detect the sd card again? 1
What should i gem my Rath Soul armor set? 1
What the hell do I do? 1
What to get on eshop? 3
What will happen to my downloaded games after I erase the Nintendo Network ID? 1
What's the best way to marry in fire emblem awakening?) 2
What's wrong with my charger? 3
Whats wrong with the analog of my 3DS? 4
When is the New 3DS/New 3DS XL bein released in the U.S.? 1
When will the eShop come to SEA(south east asia)? 2
Where do I find ice in Harvest Moon A New Beginning? 2
Where to buy? 1
Which 3ds game should I get??? 2
Which game for 3ds is good? 2
Which game will I get my money worth out of ALBW or OOT 3D? 1
Who wants to be friends? 7
Who wants to be my friend? 8
Who wants to play multiplayer on Fantasy Life, no DLC? 1
Why is the top screen of my 3ds XL acting weird? 1
Why won't my 3DS turn on ? 2
Would Anyone like to exchange friend codes for Animal crossing New Leaf? 16
Youtube App For 3DS is unavailable in eShop download? 1

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