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Asked: 2 years ago

Where are all the zodiac chambers?

I'm surprised there wasn't already a question on this, but where exactly are each of the zodiac chambers? I found the Scorpio Staff by looking behind me on the big elevator in Ch.16, but I can't seem to find the others. I'd like to have a complete weapon collection so as to see which one suits me best.

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From: bezlaskez 2 years ago

Check out the cheats section on this very website. Some kind soul has put them there.

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Well i can help (slightly)
in the thunder temple right before phosphra (boss battle) if you go behind the wall theres the chamber gate but there is a wall of electricity in front of it you have to (at least i did) dash into the elctcricity to pass through the barrier
also in the paletana's temple level in the prison theres one but i don't know how to get it yet :(

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They are all in even-numbered levels. I seem to be the only one who noticed this. The saggiatarius bow is in level 2. When you're going down the stairs to the first are with Magnus, there should be a tapestry. Go through it to find the warp. The tauros arm is in level four, in the area with the Clubberskull at the bottom, there should be a glowing hole. Fall down it to find the warp. The Gemini orbitars are in level six. After beating Dark pit for the second time, go to the underground temple area. There should be a passage in the wall in the bottom area. The warp is in there. Those are the only ones I know, but I'm writing an FAQ, and will soon post a complete list.

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There is in all even levels 22 instead its in 23 the only odd numbered one though.

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There in all even levels Except level 22 they put it in level 23 instead its the only odd one, let words out typin to fast lol

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