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How do you delete save data?

So I have a save file I would like to delete, but I can't find anything in the game menus or anything in the manual about how to do it. So does anyone know how to do it or can you not delete save data in the game?

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Zenaty answered:

Press and hold L, keep it pressed and press all the onscreen buttons then answer 4 "are you sure you want to delete" questions. Its kinda funny actually lol.
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spealfan444 answered:

I remember reading somewhere that if you hold down a, b, x, and y while the 3DS logo is displayed it will delete the save data. I know it works in Zelda OOT 3D because I saw it in the manual. I'm not sure for Kid Icarus Uprising, but It's worth trying!
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ZironoDarkain answered:

While at the File Select Screen, hold L, R, Left, X, and Y on the file you want to delete.
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Brandon042487 answered:

First make sure your have the save file you want to delete is selected, then hold the L button, while held a prompt on the screen will give you more buttons to hold down at once which are useally R button, D-pad right, x and y
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