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How to fuse a good palutena bow?

What do I need to fuse to make a good paluntena bow witch has a pretty high value?

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destroyah898 answered:

For my Palutena bow I fused Hewdraw club with Pandora claws and it's value is 300
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Doug314 answered:

Fuse club + claw, blade + arm, claw + cannon, palm + orbitars, or arm + arm, and make it so the ranks of the two weapons you fuse add up to 11 or 23. Check the weapon fusing FAQ in the FAQs section to see the rank of every weapon.
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linkstorm98 answered:

I fused first blade and silver bow at the end of the game.
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Mosjober16 answered:

mine is a 274 it kills in 2 hits from a forward dash charged shot got it from together far away FFA
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mtpfreak answered:

According to the weapon fusion mechanics FAQs, Chapter 10 is supposed to frequently drop Wolf Claws and Leo Cannons, which together can fuse to make a Palutena bow.
Playing chapter 10 on the best intensity you can manage a few times should supply you with enough of these weapons to try and fuse something ideal, pass on the desirable modifiers, have a good value, etc.
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pwnzor3dsguy answered:

Fuse a good Upperdash arm and First blade. I did this, and it had 4 stars melee, 5 and half stars ranged, and a value of 319.
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victinivcreate1 answered:

well get one with +3 shot homing, +3 range, (but +2 is acceptable) and Dash Ch. Shot+4. These mods help boost Palutena Bow's already extremely powerful charged dash shots to 2HKO levels, maybe even OHKO. If you dont like charged shots, go with the mod Dash Cont. Fire+4. The range modifier is nice for the Bow and it helps dealing with staff users. Homing helps especially with this bow, as it lacks homing. I have one that is valued 261 and has 3 shot range, 4 dash charge shot, and 3 shot homing. I have another with 3 shot homing, overall defense 3, 4 dash continuous fire, and 2 shot range. I slap the second one with Energy Charge to make it OHKO almost all foes (except ones with extreme defense modifiers) and make it 2HKO the angel.
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Dharakfire answered:

Depends. Pick the mods you want, say like Shot Homing +3 and so forth then find the weapons with those mods and fuse away, keeping the ones you intend. That's how I do it, at least.
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