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I see pictures of the game all the time and I can't believe that such good graphics are on such a small console. Is it true?

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KageKiri13 answered:

I will say the graphics are quite exceptional. The cut scenes are good and the in game graphics are pretty good considering as well. A few faults would be load times between zones can cause skipping and mouths not moving when people talk, if they count as graphic issues. Overall I'm impressed with the graphic quality and the game on the whole.
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NiGHTMARE_0013 answered:

It really looks good and is the first game to be released on a 4 GB cart - twice the size of any other released game
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raptor1978 answered:

The developers actually got a scaled down version of RE5 working on the 3DS before starting development on Revelations to see if it can be done and because the 3DS is more powerful than the wii in certain areas (not in all areas though) and add to that the smaller screen the can really make some beautiful graphics. The 3DS graphics chip has some effects already built in which helps developers out such as smoke effects, fire, water etc.
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Grimbear13 answered:

The main objects that you are meant to be looking at over the course of the game look phenomenal, but the finer details are skimped on on scenery objects. This is only because it's a portable game aiming for top notch graphics, so imho it's an acceptable sacrifice. The console that you don't need to interact with has a flat texture on it of buttons because it's really only meant to be seen in passing. The models look real good and most the in game effects are solid. The cinematics are really nice, obviously pre-rendered stuff is going to look great but they fit it all on this lil cart which is neat :). All in all yes it is true, the game looks incredible for a handheld game, and I hope to see more games follow suit in the future.
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Wolf3137 answered:

I'd honestly say the graphics about the same as RE 4 but when the 3D is on its pretty amazing how it looks. 3D off equal to RE 4 3D on pretty close RE 5. The cut scenes are very well done as well.
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