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Pool puzzle on hell mode?

I cant solve the hell mode pool wire puzzle... anyone have a way to do it?

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Kur01_Ryu answered:

As a generic tip for these I find it easiest not to aim for the lit up nodes but to just untangle the wires first so that they just loop around the box without over lapping. If you can manage that then powering the nodes will be an easy couple of moves from that point
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Redfield5 answered:

If you mean the door puzzle then I couldn't help you without looking at it. If it is the one with 8 nodes or whatever they're called, then I really need a picture.
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une6 answered:

Just keep at it. I also thought it seemed impossible. Just move the circles already on the corners along :) In the end i just got it.. Sorry that didn't help much. Just trying to boost your confidence
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