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Reasons for useless unlockable guns?

Is threre a good reason to use guns like the hydra? The unlockables seem to have very poor stats compared to their found in game counter parts..

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slapper1 answered:

All of the unlockable guns offer a small bonus in some form or another that make them slightly better then their campaign counterparts. For example, the first unlockable handgun which you recieve for killing 150 bows looks weak compared to your normal gun, however it has 5 slots for custom parts making it more effective when you acquire better parts later in the game. The psg1 rifle for scanning 15 hand prints is weaker than the original rifle but fires twice as fast out damaging the normal rifle and making it better for boss fights. The hydra looks weak but is much more powerful than it seems as it hits a target several more times when it fires due to its spread and triple barrels which means much more damage overall than the m3 shotgun or the windham. With the right parts and proper understanding, these guns are better than the normal campaign guns but only if you properly upgrade them. Its a real shame there is no power weapon in the game minus the infinite launcher as that would have been a great hidden unlockable weapon like the 50 caliber magnum in re 0 with infinite ammo. But I can dream right?
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singhellotaku answered:

Fun mostly, the remember that the hydra's damage is actually 3x what the stats say.
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death_note_9112 answered:

agreed they needed a infinite 50 caliber magnum like RE 4 and RE 0. I have my hydra equipped with narrow shot, charge shot, and burst shot. I personally find it great. I also have a charge and a burst with a fire power upgrade on the psg-1 rifle. try that combo for the guns
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