Question from grovna

Is there Insane difficulty?

I know someone has already asked this, but I think I'd read somewhere that insane difficult is in the game.


slapper1 answered:

No, the highest difficulty setting is hell mode which is unlocked after beating the game once. Hell however is very difficult as it swaps enemy locations and throws in many more enemies all of which have higher health and deal more damage. So its pretty crazy to say the least. Shame there is not a professional mode difficulty like in re5. now that would be insane!
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howlmoon answered:

if you want insane mode play w/o herbs even on easy I was getting beat down hard by enemies. think that too easy try it on normal or hell mode with no herbs, that right there sould be enough.
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death_note_9112 answered:

I verry little before norman on no herb run though. Although i did have the hydra and it equiped with a dammage 5 and a charge. Norman slaughtered me on no herb EASY!!
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epicaknight answered:

Hell mode is insane enough. If you find it too easy, you deserve a reward.
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shadowa11 answered:

There is but it''s not called Insane mode it's called Hell which you unlock by beating the game in Normal mode.
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Pikminister answered:

The game includes a mission where they challenge you to beat the game without using a single herb during the entire campaign. Try playing the game like that on NORMAL or worse, on Hell Mode, and I guarantee that you'll get a totally insane difficulty experience from it.
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