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Where can I find the Drake shotgun?

I seen a few people with this gun and I would like to know how to get it. a friend managed to get a trinity bonus on a level and got it. so do I need to get a trinity bonus?
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death_note_9112 provided additional details:

I finaly got one but at lvl 44 and its crap. compared to the hydra. The only good thing is fire rate compared to the hydra

death_note_9112 provided additional details:

Should have closed this about 2.5 months ago. lol, i forgot. oh and got 3 level 50 drake shotguns! tossed 2 though

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L9n answered:

Ive played something between 50 to 100 hours of raid and ive ran into 3 drakes (that i can remember). One was lvl 30 from trench mode, (i believe) and the other two were both lvl 50 from infection missions. i cant guarantee this number because ive farmed my brain numb. Personally, im on the hunt for a lvl 49 max slot psg1.
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slapper1 answered:

The only way to get a drake shotgun is to play raid mode lots and lots. It is a completely random weapon drop. You can enhance the chance of getting it by playing infection missions as they allow rarer drops more often, but honestly, be prepared to rely on luck a lot in order to snag one. trinity bonus help but are not needed to get one. Good luck bro!
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zybst answered:

I'm running into the same issue. I've acquired several High Rollers, Pale Riders, and Mura..... whatever it's called... lol.... I've gotten them from missions, from drops, and I have seen many pale riders and high rollers in the shop, but I have yet to see a Drake with the exception of the ones in the hands of everyone I run into. I wanna think I'm just incredibly unlucky, as I've hit 50 and I'm coming up on 20 hours, but I'm worried it could be some very sad glitch x.x
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Number43 answered:

I don't think there is anything you can do that will make it more likely to get one from random drops in the stages, it is probably always just the same small percentage of weapons. I'm not entirely sure, but I think high level wanted missions might have a greater chance of rare weapons, though drakes should be the same chance as other rare weapons.

Also, the Drake, along with the other rare weapons, can appear in the shop. It is very uncommon and costs a lot more BP than common weapons, but exit and reenter the shop enough and you'll see one eventually.
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ragequit81 answered:

Like many legendary weapons, you just have to keep playing stages over and over until you get one. Also cheaper than buying it in the shop. That's how I got the lv.44 Pale Rider. The last Drake I got was lv.4 :(
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girboyman answered:

I allready got 2 i didnt know they were rare but i loved their power exept the high roller it sucks found it in the shop
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matt2325 answered:

2 ways:
1. Random drop (mostly on Abyss difficulty, the later levels)
2. infection mission (rare mission from street passing)

personal info:
I just got an infection mission for a lv 50 drake, I just need to complete it and it's mine :)
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