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HUNK? (possibly huge spoiler)

I found a post on the capcom-unity board which was about HUNK being or not being in this game. Can anyone verify if there's any truth to what was said or if it's just a troll post?

Here's the quote:

"Turns out Veltro is or has been infultrated by Umbrella and the T-Virus has been further experimented on. Jill is lead into a trap and it's really Chris on the rescue mission...

Hunk is in this, he's revealed to be a red headed, red eyed character called Raymond, who you saw in the later trailer!


The gasmask guy from the original trailer(the footage of which remains in the game) takes off his gas mask later in the game to reveal himself as Raymond a BSAA operative.... and even later in the game when Parker makes a quip "be careful or you'll lose your entire team!" he grimaces with a bad memory coming to his mind. He pretends to be a BSAA Cadet, so that's his nickname in this game, but he's really a veteran mercinary(revealed late in the game)...

He's kind of a Good guy in the end(because he leads Jill to answers, but he dies, getting shot by Jessica who betrays Chris), but also not at all(because he starts the viral outbreak)."

I would really appreciate if anyone who has beaten this game (I don't own a 3DS) can help me out with this. I can't believe that Capcom would do something with HUNK that's this stupid but at the same time it wouldn't be a shock either.


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Xenorider answered:

It was just a troll post

The Debut Trailer has nothing to do with the actual game and HUNK is not in this game. You can see a person in the debut trailer who could be HUNK but in the actual game there is no Red "eyed" gasmask guy.

Raymond is definitely not Hunk and if you know the epilog from Resident Evil 3 you know that Raymond looks nothing like HUNK just google "HUNK epilog"
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