Question from zybst

Can you die in a no herb run when going for the auto loader?

Like it says in the title, am I allowed to die in a no herb run? If I die, do I get to click continue? Do I start from the beginning? Or do I have to start a new game?

zybst provided additional details:

Cool, I don't think I'll die much on casual, so it shouldn't be a big issue, but I'm glad to know if I let a skag sneak up on me, I don't have to start the game over, thanks!

Accepted Answer

Kur01_Ryu answered:

Yes you can, the only rule is you don't use any herbs
You can use continues [You'll just restart from the last checkpoint]
I don't know if the herb use counts if you use one then continue so if you accidentally hit the A button I would quit & reload.
You can also do it on any difficulty setting so I did it on easy / casual

Hope that helps
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