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Where can I find all ammunition cases?

I have 200 ammo for handgun
90 for shotgun
500 for machine gun
90 for rifle
and 10 for magnum

well i like help with location of all ammo cases in the game in normal and hell mode
if anybody help i will bem a very thankful

Accepted Answer

Kur01_Ryu answered:

For a full list I'd look in the full game giude section as there are too many to list.
Easy & Normal share the same ammo cases but keep in mind once you get to hell mode a load more get added [along with more custom parts]. After getting all the magnum cases in normal for example I was upto about 46 rounds but half way through hell mode I've already been boosted upto 200!

Best advice I can give in this space is the first time you go through each room to sweep it with the Genesis, the minority are on display but most are hidden so be carefull

Two that are easy to miss are ...
1. In the solarium in/on the 'growth' on the farside of the pool [possibly hell mode only]
2. when trying to get to the bilge after passing through the casino there's a long ladder that passes some pipes, a case sits on the top pipe & because it's in plain view the Genesis won't pick it up. It's only available once the ship has flooded.
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