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Friend code help?

I need to find out how to get my friend code, where do I locate it or how do I obtain it? I need this so I can go on raid to find the infamous Grenade launcher power up.


Hector_Kisaragi answered:

Go to the main menu and go to the orange smiley face thingy and then look at your profile card or options. The face should be near the top.
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jaiz412 answered:

When in the main menu,look at the top part of the bottom screen(Touchscreen)
There are multiple items. the orange smiley is the one you must select.
Now you should see 2 "cards"
the 2nd one is your card , it has a picture of your mii on it , under it is your friend code (it looks like this : 1234-5678-1010[but with diffrent numbers])

Hope I helped
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ZebuFrenzy answered:

On your 3DS main menu, it's the orange-colored happy face at the top of the touch screen. You should find your Friend Code in there.

I don't remember if you need to access the Internet first or you get it automatically, but that's where you find it.
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