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Gluttony question?

I finaly got an infection mission with that custom part, but how can u set that it needs to use specific weapon ammo? I have Gluttony on my Hydra and i have a Python and a MP5 and i want that its gonna use the ammo for my MP5. How can i set that?


finalevil151 answered:

It takes ammo of which you most have. That being said, it you don't have to be carrying the weapon for it to access the ammo (you can see all your ammo when you click menu and hit the R-shoulder button). So it's probably going to use MG ammo anyways.
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Number43 answered:

Yeah, you can't control which it uses. That said, if you want to be able to rely exclusively on one weapon, you may want to put cornucopia on your other weapons.
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