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Asked: 2 years ago

Can anyone else besides Jill use the unlimited rocket launcher?

I've acquired the inf R.L. but i'm wondering when you get other rocket launchers r they too inf? since you also play as Keith and you can pick up 2 R.L.s

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Well that suck!! a lot!

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No, only Jill gets it. Every other R.L including the one you get in the UAV run will only have the 1.

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Nope, in this Resident Evil, the Infinite rocket launcher is a real shame. The jill parts were already easy enough with her strong custom parts. The hard stages are the non jill stages with dogs an hunters. It's not something to be proud of unlocking, Hell mode is easy with charge shot.
Feels like you dont get much rocket launcher time sicne you constantly switch back an forth between chris and parker

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I'm afraid not. In every RE I go straight for the Infinite Launcher. This Resi has the worst accessible RL. Much to my dismay. Getting a little tired of the RPG-7 btw, hope they bring the M202A1 back in 6! And God, the M134!!

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Nope only jill can have the infinite rocket launcher.

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