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Asked: 2 years ago

What weapon is the most powerful?

Hey guys, i was just wondering if any of you's knew what the most powerful weapon was and how i could find or get it?

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Rocket Launcher. You can find it in the first timed mission level, or buy it from the store for a ton of BP. It's only one shot, though.

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If it's for Raid mode the strongest weapon i've seen is a Magnum which had around 2000-2300 Firepower but i don't remember the full name of the weapon but if it's in Campaign it's the Rocket Launcher but since it's limited it's not that great unless you manage to get the infinite one. Hope this helps

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Pale rider (magnum with extremely long barrel). It depends what level it is, but my lv.44 PR has more firepower than the rocket launcher. Pale Rider can be found in the shop or by chance after completing a stage in Raid Mode.

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Raid mode: Per shot, the most powerful weapon is the 5 slotted Pale Rider Magnum. Without any weapon parts included, my lvl 48 does 37,024 damage! Add Charge Shot 4, Outrange 3, Rate of Fire 4, and maybe Infighter 3 to it to make it a one hit wonder to most enemies!

Raid mode: Damage over time, the most powerful weapon is the 5 slotted PSG1 rifle. Without any weapon parts included, my lvl 45 does 8700 damage. Add Full Burst, Auto Loader, Gluttony, Outrange 3, and either Easy Hit 3, or Rate of Fire 4 on it to make it a machine gun-like rifle!

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I think pole rider charge shot 4 and a marausma level 50.

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Okay try this combination it works the best alone :
Pale rider lvl 50 ( damage 5, Fire rate 4, long magazine 10)
Maramusa lvl 50 ( damage 5, full burst, gluttony, long magazine 10, cirtical 4)

Both these GUNS can only be found When you receive an infection mission Not WANTED missions VIA spot pass online. Coop would be recommended in getting these guns

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OHH yes sorry for pale rider use charge shot 4 NOT fire rate 4

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