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Asked: 2 years ago

What does genocide bonus mean and how do I get it? (Raid Mode)

What does the genocide bonus at the end of a raid mode mission mean, and how do you get it? I get very often but have noidea what I did. My FC: 2750-1307-9623 Put yours and your name in your answer. I play this online very often.

Additional details - 2 years ago

My name is Jonny when you add my FC. 2750-1307-9623

Accepted Answer

From: Kur01_Ryu 2 years ago

There are 4 possible bonus' in raid mode
Genocide Bonus = Kill every enemy in the stage [enemies that can only be found when swimming don't count]
Perfect Shot Bonus = Never miss a shot [If an enemy is out of range but the aim is good it'll still count]
No Damage Bonus = Self explanitory

The fourth and final bonus is for if you're a real bad-ass "Trinity Bonus" is awarded as an additional reward for getting all 3 of the other bonus requirements

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Genocide bonus is a bonus (more BP) you get when you kill all the enemies in a stage.

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