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RAID MODE - How do I get "Infection" upgrades?

I can't find top tier weapon upgrades in Raid mode like:


Is there a specific way to increase your likelihood of getting these items?

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I've been wondering this myself... I found damage 6 and higher playing throughh abyss mode and burst 3+ going through abyss mode. And I believe both of them were illegal custom parts. That's all I know:/

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I dont now two maybe de bonus stage or stage 15 oke ? Oh my freind code is :4983 5748 8741

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Only Infections Missions net you those...actually, to be more specific on the special ones like Auto-Loader and G-Launcher, those typically are gotten on Progenitor Infections.

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The easy way to get an Infection Mission seems to be this - turn auto-save off and do a co-op raid mode stage. Once you finish, check your missions and if you don't get an Infection mission, back out of the missions menu, select do not save, back out to the load screen and try again until you get one.

So far, I have only gotten - Streetpass with 4 who have same mission = grenade launcher parts
Streetpass with 20 who have same mission = cornucopia 3

I got everything else mentioned but Auto-loader from normal Raid Missions. Auto-loader I got for Aloof Challenger (no herb, rocket launcher).

Friend code = 1032-1237-6386 (Scorpio!)

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Raid mode does not hold burst 3 or damage 6 or so i think damage 6 is not available. Getting infection missions alone is the only way you can receive 1).Grenade launcher
2).Full burst
3).Gluttony (steals ammo from the gun with most ammo once you ran out on 1 gun)
4).Lvl 50 guns that are extremely rare (Pale rider, maramusa,drake, hydra , high rollerPractcally any legendary weapons
If you always update your missions and complete them I'm sure you will come across Infection missions AND make sure you always coop with others for they drop these infection missions Hope that answers your question
By the way my friends code is :4527 7909 1364 and my revelations code name hertylian

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