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Anyone else notice this with StreetPass? 1
Friend code help? 3
Gluttony question? 2
How do I know how many coop games I have played online ? 2
I have beaten the main game on the casual difficulty and the raid mode is no unlocked,help? 2
I need help to complete abyss and the bonus stage with the real? ending 3
In hell mode do you get better custom/illegal parts? 3
Is there Insane difficulty? 6
Looking for friends who play raid mode. Anyone? 1
Why such an online nuisance? 1
Will this game have Co-Op? 5
About difficulty ? 2
Alternate outfits? 3
Are there any more difficulty's for campaign other that normal and hell? 1
Are there levels in RAID mode and if there is how many are there? 7
Can you alter lv 49 weapon slots? 1
Can you obtain infection missions on easier difficulties? 1
Can you replay episodes on the same save file like RE5? 1
Casual mode to normal mode in the middle of the game? 1
Circle pad pro bundle?? 3
Compatibility? 3
Do they make the game harder in new game plus+? 1
Does New Game+ require the second save slot? 2
Falling through bridge? 1
Graphics? 5
How do I dodge attacks? 1
How to talk with your partner? 3
Infection missions? 3
Is this game scary? 1
My name in resident evil revelations is purple and i want to change it back to blue, how do i change it back? 2
New Game + (New Game option)? 1
Physical attacks? 2
Raid mode info? 1
Raid Mode weapons screen changing colors? 1
Resident Evil: Portable? 4
Save files? 1
Saving? 1
What does genocide bonus mean and how do I get it? (Raid Mode) 2
What does new game+ mean? 1
What is the max lvl.? 1
What is the point of the player levels in Raid mode? 2
Wheres raid mode? 1
Will this game ever be released on the Xbox360 or PS3 console? 2

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