How do I unlock the Secret Ending, if there is one? No Spoilers Please!

Can someone give a list of the difficulties and how to unlock the secret ending in each? No Spoilers!

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Demyxus answered:

I was playing on Proud mode. You need to have obtained at least 5 trophies, and the answers to the questions are 1. Losing something that is important 2. someone close to me 3. to get back something important. At the End Credit you have to xomplete the minigame which should unlock the secret report and the secret ending.
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Harvmoonmaniac answered:

I read an interview article that there is another video at the end of the credits.
I'm pretty sure this could be it but I don't know if there are any conditions.
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Dan_rew answered:

Play the game on its hardest difficultly. That usually guarantees it to be unlocked in the end. This was the case with BBS and KHII
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keisuke999 answered:

To get the secret message, you have to answer the three questions at the end of the game with 大切な・・・ or what ever the english version will be... "Important blah blah"

and then during the ending credits, you can control Sora in drop mode. you have to collect golden letters in some people's names. This will give you the secret message.
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malz98 answered:

Well considering the question is still open O.O ..... The answer is in the wiki ;) I cba 2 type it all
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Blitztavia answered:

What Demyxus said. You can open it with standard mode but you need to get two more trophies.
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