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What is a special portal? And where can i find epic fantasy?

I need help knowing what special portal 1,4 etc is. In another question someone typed, '' you can find epic fantasy in the country of the muskateers in a special portal 1,4,5.'' What is this?

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cruxis_seraph answered:

When you complete a special portal, you get a prize for it and if Epic Fantasy is a portal prize, it means you'll obtain it if you just win the battle from the portal. (You don't even have to win the challenge, just survive the battle.)

Special portals randomly appear in each world each time you drop from one character to another. There are 6 portals in each world (except the last world which has 3) and they're in different locations for both Sora and Riku. But Special Portal 1 for Sora will always show up in the same place in a given world--but it's random as to which numbers will be active. If you know where each numbered portal is though, it's easy to run in and check if they're there each time you drop.
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