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What is the best spirits to have on your team?

There are many spirits obviously but wich is considered the ultimate team?!?

Avinash9901 asked for clarification:

...Off of...*

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Avinash9901 answered:

Tyranto Rex
Aura Lion
Ryu Dragon
Magik Lapin,
Lord Kyroo
Keeba Tiger

All of the above are considered the best Dream Eaters.

Credit: Zelxios_Djin, Ngo0018, and njmanga097

Note: This answer was taken from three of of the other users, as listed above.
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ElpollogabazXII answered:

That depends on what do you like. strength magic or defense but if you want all the boost use MAGIK LAPIN, TYRANTO REX & SKELTERWILD
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TheElectricRaic answered:

ElpollogabazXII? Is that to Max out all the stats ie. To get the Trophy for maxing out everything?
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ElpollogabazXII answered:

TheElectricRaic Yessssss
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kirbyfan64sos answered:

I'd say Tyranto Rex and Ursa Circus.
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lilaschildkrote answered:

You must use these 3 otherwise your team sucks. Why? Cause DINOSAURS. rawr.

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BlackRose0202 answered:

The team i love more then any other is
Ryu Dragon
Sudo Neku

Rex and Ryu are amazing power houses when fed enough ATK and DEF boosting food. Sudo Neku is all about boosting you to godly potential, he almost fully boost magic and attack's reloading/power ability so using Meteor Crush or Meteor with Riku or Sonic Blade or Salvation with Sora is like and OHKO when they are level 60 and above and 2HKO for 55-59.

This team even makes killing the Bosses again for the Unbound Keyblade super easy to the point i killed Julius in less then 5 min at level 52 using the Unbound and killed Wargoyle in 2min 13sec with Ultima Keyblade.

Hope you find this team as enjoyable as me <(^.^<) ^(^.^)^ (>^.^)>
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Bl00dyBizkitz answered:

Just some ideas of great spirits to have.

First 2 slots.

Sir Kyroo/Lord Kyroo
Ryu Dragon
Drill Sye
Aura Lion
Tyranto Rex/Skelterwild

3rd Slot.

Frootz Cat
R&R Seal
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