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Asked: 2 years ago

Why is Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS?

I have many friends constantly asking me, "Why for a hand held? Why not for a game console..?" I continuously say that it's either not a side storyline that helps with the original or that the creators may be trying to re-create what they did with Chain of memories and re-make DDD for a main console later when they feel it's done good business out in the US... or somethin. I want to know any other ideas. Or if someone actually has the answer.

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From: randy191919 2 years ago

There are a lot of reasons. The 3DS is on technically on par with PS2 and Wii, so why should they bring it on a console when they can put it on a handheld? Also the 3DS has many features consoles don't have, the camera, 3D, Toucscreen, to name a few.

It might be FM'ed, since BBS was too. But who knows.

Zero_Maniac: You are talking comeplete bull****. Japan didn't have the PS2 version to beginn with. No publisher on this world would do the work to DOWNGRADE a game AFTER they made a better version just to tease their fans. Japan started with the GBA version as well. Re:Com was made as addition and bonus to KH2: FM+. It just needed a few years untill they released it in USA too. And they still didn't release it in Europe. But in the beginning Japan only had the gba version too. Or do you think SE would be so dumb to make a dumb version of a great game to release it years after the good version? That's BULL**** and you know that.

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Probably because if they were to put it on one of the consoles, they would have to update the graphics.

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Probably so that we buy a new console if we want to play the game. Personally, I did, and don't regret it.

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DDD uses a fair amount of touchscreen gameplay from what I've seen in trailers and youtube, which can't be done anywhere other than the 3DS and the Vita, its graphics are too advanced for the DS. Since the 3DS came out first, SE had more time to get familiar with it. Also, if they put it on a console people would assume it would be KH3 and end the X saga, while it is just the bridge to KH3. However, the story is still important and needed to understand how KH3 will play out.

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Well first of all, why not for a handheld? The 3DS is graphically on par with the Wii anyways. And no, it won't be remade for a home console anytime soon. The only reason that happened with CoM is because Japan got a PS2 version to start with, while we got the inferior GBA version. Naturally, fans outside of Japan felt cheated, so we (or at least, the U.S.) got Re: CoM for PS2. This is not the case with DDD, so don't expect it.

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Dream Drop Distance. The title itself has 3 D's. So they made it for the 3DS. Makes sense.

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Its because of the dive system. it would be nice on a console but it looks realy AMAZING! on the 3ds dont ya think?
p.s. kingdom hearts games were also made for the ds so they gave the 3ds also a chance.

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Square Enix was impressed by the 3DS' hardware, and created the game for it. And no, DDD will not be final mix'd or Re:'d.

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Basicly because of the pun of the name "Dream Drop Distance=3D" the japanese pun is very simply and if you watch an interview with the creater thats why its on 3DS, as well as the functionality of the 3DS

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Reality Shift, something only usable on the DS, is vital through the game. There are bosses impossible to defeat without it, and chests unreachable without it.

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