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Asked: 2 years ago

I need help defeating Julius!!! What's the best way to level up?

I hear that portal links are a good way to level up, can you repeat them? If so, how? And If you know an easier way to level up can you tell me?

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How do I get dark firaga?

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From: lj_sephiroth 2 years ago

All link portals can be replayed. I level up quickly at The World that Never Was. Biggest thing you should do is get a Spirit with EXP Walker, and the other EXP booster which helps greatly on raising your level.
Complete the Secret Portals too since it raises your base HP... also consider which character beats Lord Kyroo since the HP bonus only goes to one Character.

As for Julius... lvl 70 and up is ideal. Make sure you have resistance to lightning, second chance, leaf bracer and once more.
When he charges up and glows quickly head towards the fountains and move right or left towards the stone walls with white lines. Flowmotion to the top and you will avoid getting hit and having a command blocked. Would also help having commands that hit from afar(Raids, Firaga/Dark Firaga) or lets you speed away quickly while hitting (Dashes). Have one or two Curagas spaced out in your command list,

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I easily beat Julius with 4x Balloonga and 4x Curaga, make sure you have "Dark Roll" for Riku as well, and yes, you can repeat any portals, to respawn portals, you would have to "Drop" between Riku and Sora, I usually gain exp going to "The World that never was" world because that's the highest level world

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Answer to the 2nd Question
The special dream eater called Kab Kannon gives it early.

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