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Item Location Help Answers
Drop me nevers ? 5
how do I find the mini spell? 4
Is Stopza actually avaliable as a command? 5
Is there a full list of Link Attacks/Styles anywhere? 2
Kindom Hearts Dream Drop Distance How to get unbound for both ? 4
List of Dream Piece drops? 4
Sora's 15th Treasure Chest-Traverse Town? 1
What are some strong commands? 2
What commands kill multiple enemies? 2
What is the best weapon for Sora and Riku? 6
What items used to make s rank skelterwild or ryu dragon? 2
Where can I find (dark firaga command)? 2
Where can I find (epic fantasy)? 4
Where can I find 4 Troubled Fantasies? 1
Where can I find a list of Deck Commands? 3
Where can I find Riku's 28th treasure in The Grid? 1
Where can I find Riku's 31st Chest in The Grid? 1
Where can I find Riku's counter-attack command? 3
Where can I find Sora's 8th Treasure in Traverse Town? 1
Where can I find Soul Eater ? 4
Where can I find the secret portal? 1
Where can I find/farm Intrepid Fantasies I need lots of them and I only have 2 :|? 3
Can you get the items / commands from the Link Boards of Spirits by creating the same Spirit again? 1
Feeding dream eaters? 2
How can I cycle special portals without dropping? 1
How can I unlock special portal 4-6 in Traverse Town? 1
How do I get Ars Arcanum? 1
How do you get spirits? 1
Is it possible to upgrade the rank of a Spirit outside his creation? 3
Is it too late to get Wild Fantasies? 1
Play Coin Functionality? 1
Question help? 1
R&r seal recipe? 3
The best place to farm DP? 3
Ultima Weapon...........................? 1
Ungetable dream eaters)? 5
What exactly is the forecast thingy for? 5
What is a special portal? And where can i find epic fantasy? 1
When does the "Trophies" section become available? (Slight SPOILER) 2
When you change a spirits disposition is the ability tree expansion permanent? 2
Where can I find (balloon)? 1
Where can I find (dark roll)? 2
Where can I find (end of pain)? 1
Where can I find (icebreaker)? 1
Where can I find (malleable fantasy abd wild fantasy)? 7
Where can I find (Pri(c)kly fantasy)? 1
Where can I find (ryu dragon recipe)? 1
Where can I find (skelterwild recipe)? 1
Where can I find (sora's best block)? 1
Where can I find (steep climb)? 1
Where can I find Balloonaga? 1
Where can I find Briliant Fantasy and Wild Fantasy? 4
Where can I find Brilliant Fantasy and Lofty Fantasy? 6
Where can I find Charming Fantasy? 1
Where can I find dual wield ? 4
Where can I find Epic Fantasy and Brilliant Fantasy? 1
Where can I find Flowbermeow recipe? 1
Where can I find Meowjesty in EU/NA version? 4
Where can I find other Keyblades? 3
Where can I find Payback Raid/Revenge Raid? 2
Where can I find Riku's Dark Aura Attack? 1
Where can I find Riku's Glide ability? 2
Where can I find Second Chance? 1
Where can I find Sliding Block? 1
Where can I find Sora's 30th treasure chest? 1
Where can I find Special Portal 1 in Country of the Musketeers (Riku)? 2
Where can I find Superglide? 3
Where can I find the 23th treasure Chest for Riku in The Grid? 1
Where can I find the ability Once More? 1
Where can I find the fifth treasure for Sora in Pranksters paradise? 1
Where can I find the last of the items for 100%? 2
Where can I find the remaining items? 1
Where can I find the secret portal in the grid for riku? 2
Where can I find the Toximander and Yoggy Ram chests? 3
Where can I find these dream pieces? 1
Where do I find the very, very important skills, like Dark Barrier and the others, at? 1
Where is treasure 23 & 24 for Riku in La Cite des Cloches? 1
Where's this last treasure in the Nobody world? 1
Which Spirit has the Exp Walker ability? 2
Wild fantasy material? 2
Zantetsuken ? 3
Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Critical problems.. Should I just restart? 1
Do Dream Eaters keep stat buffs in New Game+? 2
Do spirits that can cast support magic learn them at the same level? (Combo Assist lv15 Spirit's Roar lv20) 1
Grinding for Link Points? 3
Ground combo plus? 2
Is there any way to tell what the individual abilties are for the Dream Eaters? 3
Just started playing. What is the black key blade icon on the map? 2
Question about abilities? 1
Quick Risky Winds Question? 1
Spirits with good passive abilities to beat secret boss? 1
What are all the possible Dual Links with Sora? 2
What are Sora and Riku more geared for? 3
What are the best Dream Eaters to use and why? 2
What is the best dream eater team? 2
What is the best spirit team for abilities ? 1
What is the best strategy for leveling up? 2
What is the easiest way to get Dark Aura? 2
Where is the best place to level up? 12
?What are Affinity Levels and Dispositions? 1
Are Keyblades affected by elemental boosts? 1
Are there going to be abilities? 2
best way to accumulate LP? 6
Can someone please please PLEASE explain dream eaters to me??? 1
Can you switch between your Dream Eater in reserve with a Dream Eater in-battle? 1
Completing spirits ability boards? 3
Dual Links? 2
Gaining experience? 3
How can I change the disposition of Dream Eaters? 2
How can I get 2,000 Drop Points? 1
How can you increase your attack strength? 1
How to get an Electricorn with Lightning Bolt disposition? 1
Is it possible to disable the "Drop Gauge" once the game is completed? 2
Is there a way to load New Game plus data to cover what one missed? 1
New Game+ and Affinity Levels? 1
What is the best Spirit team for Flick Rush? 6
What is the best spirits to have on your team? 8
What is the best strategy for critical mode? 1
What is the highest level the spirits can grow to? 1
What is the rotations for changing the spirits dispositions between petting and poking? 2
When I use ability link,my HP boost goes away?! 2
Where can I find "Once More"? 2
Why won't my dream eater die? 2
Other Help Answers
Any specific dream eater recommended? 2
Are there any other secret/special boss(es)? (Possible Spoilers) 4
Can I get proud mode trophy by beating critical? 2
Can you rematch Xemnas? 1
Completion glitch? 4
Details on streetpass portals? 1
Difficulty spike? 2
Does it matter what world you start first? 4
Dream Eater Attacks: What do they do? 1
Exp help? 3
Friend Codes? 1
Glitch or what? 1
Has anyone else noticed...? 1
How do I get 100%? 1
How do I kill off my own Dream Eaters? 2
How do portals work? 2
How do the (wireless) Link Portals work? 3
How do you achieve S-rank in flick rush? 1
How to increase your HP? 2
I can't drop back to Sora? 2
I can't find the boss for the ultima? 2
I just got this game any tips? 1
If I learn an ability stat is it permanent? 1
Is it possible to get all abilities? 2
Is there a way to check how many Drop Points you've accumulated? 2
Problem with Traverse Town's second visit? 2
Question about Queen Buzzerfly and repeating dives later in the game? 1
Rikus secret portal help? 1
Secret message? 3
SkelterWild rage mode? 2
So question about axel? 7
Song that plays during Riku's first scene in La Cite Des Cloches? 1
Sweet dream keyblade? 1
What do I do with all the extra link points for a spirit, after the Ability Board for that spirit is complete? 1
What do the blue credits letters spell? 3
What does Proud mode have over Standerd? 2
What is an effective way to use treats? 1
What is the best way to make munny? 3
What is the final award for Flick Rush? 6
What is the local co-op play for this game? 2
What magics are in this game? 4
Where can i find the items for "Cera terror"? 1
Where do I get Break Time? 2
Why cant I get new Abilities for my Spirit When i change his Disposition? 2
Why is Riku's hair a lot shorter? 2
?Quiz? P1 4
About this gm? 2
Action Replay for KH 3DS? 1
Any DLC plans? 3
AR Cards Question? 3
AR cards? 1
Are there more camera settings? 1
Are they going to make KH3 now? 4
Are you able to go back after beating the game? 2
Bundles? 2
Call Dream Eaters to you? 2
Can anyone list all the bosses? 1
Can I only answer the three questions once? 1
Can Pearl be cast in this? 2
Can Stitch be seen anywhere in this game? 1
Cant recognize AR cards on my 3DS!? 2
Command Decks? 1
Daring Diver Trophy? 1
Difference between beginner and other modes? 2
Do Flowmotion moves carry over to new game +? 1
Do you have to beat the game again, to use newly acquired dream eaters on new file? 1
Do you need the AR card to get 100% dream eaters? 1
Does anyone think the game will look good in 3D? 10
Does the game really come with an AR card? 1
Dream Drop Distance Meowjesty glitch? 2
Dream eater affinity ? 1
Dream Eater stuck in Link Portal? 1
Drop count? 2
Final Mix? 1
Free AR card Spirits? 6
Game Region Help? 2
HORROR CUP people need to see this ok? 1
How do i beat the final boss for riku?*SPOILERS* 1
How do i delete all data? 2
How do I get the secret ending? 1
How do I reach the Secret Portal in Traverse Town? 1
How do I unlock the Secret Ending, if there is one? No Spoilers Please! 6
How do trophies work? 2
How do we capture Spirits? 2
How do you complete the Friendship Link Portals? 2
How do you unequip a dream eater? 1
How do you use the ar cards you get in this game? 3
How to change the color of your dream eater? 1
How to reach this secret portal? 1
I can't put certain dream eaters in my party? 1
I finished the game in Proud Mode, is there any problem/disadvantage if i start a New Game+ in Normal? 1
I need help deciding? 1
I need help defeating Julius!!! What's the best way to level up? 3
If your spirits give you an ability, does that ability stay with you even when it's not in the party? 1
Is it easier to focus on one character? 1
Is No-Name from Birth by Sleep the Younger version of Xehanort? 2
Is there a way to check how many Dream Eaters you've killed? 1
Is there away to get back to to the star portal room? 1
Kingdom Quiz I Do you dare try to answer? 7
Link Portals missing? 2
Malleable Fantasy ingredients? 4
Multiplayer? 1
My special dream eaters cant be put in my party, how do i fix this? 1
New Game+? 2
Old data deleted when using the transfer data? 1
On the world map fro traverse town, Why is sora gold and riku silver? 2
Play ending Sora dive without replaying game? 1
Playable Characters? 1
Post-game content? 4
Pre-order? 1
Preorder Bonus vs Mark of Mastery Limited Edition; plus will case work with nyko battery? 3
Random Dream Eaters AR Card? 1
Rare spirit ingredients? 2
Riku's attack stat rising by itself??? 1
Secret boss question? 1
Secret Ending Unlock Problems??? 1
Secret portal help? 1
Should I get this in Japanese version? 1
So.. how long is this game anyway? 1
So... rescuing Spirits? 2
Story stuck at 96%? 1
StreetPass Portals? 1
What abilitys do you get from which dream eaters? 3
What are Dream Eater hearts for? 1
What are secret portals? 5
What are spirit's ranks for and how do you increase it? 1
What are the best dream eaters? 2
What are the new Disney based worlds in the game? 3
What do Dream Eater Spirit Ranks Do? 2
What does the heart gauge do? 2
What exactly gets carried over in a New Game+? 1
What happens to dream eaters after they die? 4
What is the max Dream Eater rank? 3
What is the max hp for sora and riku? 1
What is the strongest dream eater in the game? 3
What keyblade is this one? 6
What level do I need to be to unlock Horror Cup? 1
What level should I be on for xemnas? 1
What music plays when...? 1
What's a quick way to leavel up spirits? 1
What's the difference between mark of mastery edition and the regular game? 1
When can I access secret portals? 1
When does this come out in the US? 1
When will this game come out in the NA? 3
Where can I get the two theme songs in English for my iPod? 2
Where do you find the special portals in land of the musketeers? 1
Where is Riku's 6th special portal in The Grid? 1
Where is Riku's special portal 3 in Country of Musketeers? 3
Where is the theater mode and how can I unlock it? 1
Which Sora's Link Attacks/Dual LInks am I missing? 1
Which Spirits am I missing!? 1
Who is Julius? 2
Why is Dream Drop Distance for the 3DS? 10
Why is there a rare sir kyroo sitting in the water in prankster paradise? 2
Will All the keyblade be in this game? 2
Will it be for the 3DS? 2
Will this (even though it says 3DS obviously) work with classic DS's? 10
Will this have multiple profiles? 1

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